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November 27, 1874     Vineyard Gazette
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November 27, 1874

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, - 4m ~w .... i 4 t t f. A.RCH ANT, EDITOR lxe In erestM b,) i TOxins T],IRMS- I.50 a year in advance. THIS ele~atat Hotel, which enjoyed such an extended popularity during the seasons of 187~74. will be opm to receive visitors July lst~- IS:5. The house is complete in all its appointments. The dinii~ t~oma are imrlpt mad commodious, capable of seaming four hundred persons. The hau~ are w,ae.ana mr_y, ~n.e parlors etO~, sad room large and el~gaaztly tttrntshed, m~7 of them being arl~ag~l, e.n sul~. GaS Is Inip~lied ..I~ ev~y moat ta the house, and speaking tube~ from each room bring tl~e guest m t.mmeata_te communic~xon with the draW. & lmmem~r elevator earnests with each floor. The house is tapphea with steam ai~parstns mr he.tag l~aposes when required. Counseled with the hotx~e axe a flue Billiard Room, Barber Shop, Bath Rooms, etc. Public Stables In clo~ proximity to the ho~el, and good accommodations m~ furnished fopprivtte~eams.. Gffre~m' BeAn8 Bx~) ~D O~CHgSTRA have been engaged for the sea~a. loeaXion is most desirable, on the edge of the bluff, close to tl~ wharf #rid steamboat landl~ of the Oak Blal~ Lmad amd "t~'~narf Company. The views from the piazzas, which are very wide a~d completely ~rround tim It@mm~ are wgnitleeat. 'fhe northern and eastern views look out upon'Vineyard 8ound, and the distant slW~N of Cape Co! and-tim gliambeth Isl~mds. ~ western overlobk~ W.~teyaa t~rove, ooeupied by the ]l[~rtJ~a'e Vioeyaz'd Camp Meeting Associazion, and the beautiful cottadtee of me summer residents. ~1~ drives are excellent. An ocean drive ~veu mile, ia length to gdgmq~u, completed last ~utol, ts not mtt~mmed by ~my i the stmtry. The f~eilities for bo~tiag, fi~|. ~md-s~ htthlg, are equl to any on the Athatie eowt. ~hemm will I~kept en the Europeanpla~ Thepriee per dayfor rooms durl~ July will be ~1~0 and ul~, nd for August $e2.00 and upwards. Contrm~,ts will be made with partly_ to board by the week if d~l. Addre~, "Parker Hm~e, ' New Bedford, Mum., ~"Sea View Howe," O~ BIll's, M. V., Mms. H. M. BROWNELL. The Mystery era Life. / When Mary Abw --' -rl eivie I tha. in elh- ge'nce in her English home tlmt old uncle, dying in Amerie made het m heirem to one of the fl.m , t most vat a. ble'plam: tions in Izmmislm nd her young husband conoluded yisit it i iIor Clmrles &basil, though / Sir- eum tanee in hi own iamt,7el! second son duly ot a nobtemm. and ask the time we write of, it was aldisgra e ,he sea el a noble to euggeit .t de, audits " he had no fancy for the m, inistr or millay, hit proud, eaqrgetic nsturvfe t y.earping ,o escape from the thraldpn of le argy forced upo it by bitch, t eek. & new country, where no" honorable .mployn ent .f brain or hands would be oneidervd a disgrace. His bravelittlawif ympathized with him in his bl tder ph le of ctloo, and Itowith/tlmir:h,mbe- l kfeffeets, they took pme e for them- SHOUT THE GLAD TIDINGS! solve and their ten-year daughter, Mime, in a vessel bound to Orleans; 0nePrice to Ml, and no E , A sin@le day, how,.ver.befo the ltailing el tim vessel, and after tha had taken tion. of their friends and abord, a . ,cane t;o Chrles Abw ll snnomle- Mr. S. C. ,Sw,! iagtheprobable.f&tMillne f his father, The dying man pleadest witi his son to Wishes ito nf0rm the Public, come to him at once aght, for [a last far - Well. A hurried dousttlt io n Fee had be- he has been through tweeu him and his wife, it determined that the yoult and child mu t dd gt at iffe-ieog sorrow to the awlul weight woe this l oor, frail suffer- ing man had borne. Amidst tears of love at d sympathy, Mima ruesled in tenderest word to him the death el her mother, tell. ittg himself her patimtt love and tr st lor- ing all those waiting years, sad of" her last message to him. And then she told him how fondly she. as his daughter, loved him, and how muck she needed hi 5 loving pr enco and counsel, begging him to hs- ten to her. In due time an answer,:e me Item him, assuring her that was the bnly dear rink binding his keart to the earth now. would hast to: l=er, that, he might bestow upon her the fondeet love of" a father, 4ted he near Bin wife's last rest- lug-place. He would leave on the first veS- sel folloltjng that which errled this letter to her. 1 " $ * 41~ . * * 'It is more that ten years, Mime, since you last looked into your tther?s face. Dv you think you will know him P' The speaker Meredyth, a young man of twenty.flve years, son of a neighbu ing planter udt deal friend and weteome visitor always tQ Mima Abweii, as be had been to otheg dm'iag her life, although, after all, in & diff=tent " way ; for the sweet experience which rounds out and mskee in perfect lovliness every woman's nature, the experience without which her li/e'is a I&ilure, had already c, me to Mira. She loved C=ird Meredyth; he The poor girl's pleading would have touched the hardest heart, it was so pitiful. He looked up reproachfully, his cheeks wet with tears. , 'Alas ! my daughter, he exclaimed, bit- terly; have you let the world usurp your mind so much as to Wipe away from your memory all remembrance of my face? Wh t strongur proof Jm yea ask than that which maybe found in my look l 'Forgive me,' he added, hurriedly, wrap- ping his arm arouu l her, as he saw 1he pain his words occasbmed her. 'I was too hasty in condemiug ou, for the sufferings [ have undergoup must have chm ged my apperance. I have a undaut proofs of my identify, dear child ; but can you not recog- nize some .fam!!isr feature, in me ?' 'Iv'is like you, andyet not like, shc mur- mured: in a dew,tiered way. Then, with an effort, adT d : i " "I may have bf n w illfut, my father, but you can forgive and bea r with me, you will find me a d til'ul daughter. I do not know my own m|ndw eta l ewildered, sick at heart. I need .timeito - thii k over all this --time to grow f mili/ r wiCn your appear- ance'and your tasteS-; -time ito know you Bear witit me, l:pray yQu it it is for month that | ask it,, surely tim love and devo- tion, that I htd t ou St wasaiready in my heart, vii come and be:yours. He pressed her shrinking form to his breast, and kissed her lips, s yiug : "i'he suddenness of my arrival, and your long expectation and anxiet ha 'e over- come you, my dear child.Go now to your room, and rest yoursel!f. S- e tottered, rather !than walked away. lovers closely tollowing, lle led them to a lonely everglade, noted as a haunt f,,r runaway negroes nd by devious p th through swamp and morass, he b/ought them t last to a low log hut in which they found, stretched upon a p ilet, the elnacia ted form of a white m m. llis thin worn fece. and gray h ir and beard was a sad enough spectacle, but when, awaking from slumber by their eutr..mee, tad moeiviag them, he sprang away in wildest terror from them ; guarding himself behind S tm- be, and pleading piteously with the tsithful darkey not to let those strange people take him way or haxm him, they re liaed that t his ailment was a m'='-ntal one---that his tea* son was affected. 'i' bat was that in that sad. craz .d face that irresistibly drew Mime to itP A great love and pity swetted up in her at once for this poor, frail old real.the oouid .or have/elped going to him, hying her electric I gers upon his hands, gently de- taining them, and ask him te tram ned low her. With a glad look of surprise tilll, tmf. f. rer foUowt.l her to the pallet, mm-lmn', lag it to himself: 'She is not one of my enemies ; she will " ', not harm me, She is an old friend of mkm. l recognize her now.' And tl en while she smoothed his gray h irs with her magic touch, or praJ ed to her in child-like silly talg, and she an- swered him as if he were indeed ekild. : Caird S mbo left them thus realiai that Mime alone with the laylid ooukl -oothe him as he medicine migh do. When they returned, full half-hour later. they found that gray head ne ,ing trm ingly on Mimes bosom, and thooe wlkl eyes closed in peaceful slumber. Already the suffering man. much better from Mime's ministrat .0n. his entire STOCK, dmuld go to their Hw h me, Mary! was worthy of her love add be returned it When withiu,he ow. room she paced its Before they left the humble hut, Stmbo- ... presence there being req ired at once, tO with as strong a passion and pure. floor fi,r hours, pressing her troubled tern- again impressed upon them, almost with L vles, andtried to ti,ink, to reasou, to uuder-terror in his voice, the impor to his ~ 1" ~" " ][S S & N Y E 9 and marked proper.lysoeuretoher the-ledi y from h" 'Know my dear father!' she excl imecl, stand. But everbdorcher likes dreadful . tmele, while CAlarles ,$houddI go to hilt iu imtonishment at his query, 'I could eoeog- ni_ ht-mare, was the memory" of that lace, suffering master and himself that Mima . SUC 8 0RS OF file Goods from 10/to luther's bedside, reserve hie blessing, niz, e him among a thousand, I' feel certain.' lilacs, and yet so vastly unlike, th,a which tether should not know of this mission of and rejoin hie family by the rst sailing Then you must here a distinnt.reeolk -she expected to see in her father, con- 'oun 'hh: rs ht tl3is r: d ' ere l 3 aZtm l ITs:st r' llen " " vesser thereaiter, fhe p rtipg between tion of his feature as you saw them last, lartUaftohertheideallaCeface,WaS iUbut,SOm alasreSl eCtS! thereSimi'was tt 's TO. 121 UNIO N I',TI ,W BEDFORD, Nass- 50 per cent. cheaper for these loving hearts, though it seemed to dear bfima. Ple m dmoribe him to me, @o nobleness, no true bravery or honesty, y g g " . them it could only exist a months at forum I not most interested in him. next to no gentleness or forbesranc in the small: was occ' sioned by the belief that Mime , WHOLES&I RgT rL DK&I RS IN -- the most was indeed k sad yoursellP* ounaing, deceptive eyes, and the thin, cruel, h, her, ifknowingaii, would suspect him r C Mary Abwell. and little Mim had a pros- She looked .bewildered; how conld she scoruf01 lips of that in n who called himsell 5f a runaway slave, and his muter as his Crockery, China, Glass Vt are, perous voyage, they safely r hed their describe him, when her only-remembranoe herfather. Then, and many times in every succeeding day during the Ioll0wing montl , instig. tor in thi , they promised to be 1-]l n r|n re I ni| w Hawt g e m ltshed the new home, and were euelma ed with it. when put to the test, was most vague and M'u a wouhl |ee from his presence, leek silent. . . ] .ffi v 9 re! And now the days passed rspMty In fame- shadowy--the rememb nce, st&ply, ota h.x elf within her rJom, and throw herself Caird, though using all.has eloq ee, Silver Plated Ware, and ION PRICE SYSTEM. to their new, strange0 faeeofnobleoutline, of soft tender eyes, dwninawildabandnfgrif'maning: eouMnotconviuceMimathatit w akl be -- - ..- f,,rnlshin Good . t " happltlives, and picturing delight bffilled M|th honesty and sincerity, and ahim'He is not my father!thatP Oh. I cannot' 1 call, right for I er to disobey purest. nd, " e teemiv - ] OtlSeal We ahaU m" future seI1 for the loving husband ane[. a tr when itel kind voice. ' .Butqnite as many times a she cen without hiscouseot, become his wi e. Havh g made x e aerations and improvements in our store[ came to them. i ] 'His eyes will reveal him to me,' she eared herself and wept bitter tears oVe 'We will wait.'theq , wi aaeh trust- ud added largely to our stock, we can, and will, furnish any J Buthe did not come. lnstea ol his ow n ]persisted ;" 'then he Wit! look noble, so what she termed her wi lfuluess in not img confidence in their future that it con- beloved form, there e. ul le t|ntelligenCe [ grand, so self-reliant, so honorable, that I him, without question, d mbt or condition, quoted him. 'Ttmugh years of separation the love of a daughter Her life fin- and all articles in-our line at the very lowest prices. ] - " that tbevemelonwJl lth fl[.p q /Ieannot'mistske him. Surely, Csh'd, there deed one of pi'..iful! misery, divided as should elapse, it cannot ehmge oar love.' All im w:at will find it for their "interest .to [ had b en lost, wifli all X ![mustexlstsuchan intuited sympathy be- it was betwt en a de. irctto do her duty, and But. Csird f0uad some joy. lie met : .c,m. examxne goo0s anct price& . - t i those were s d, fearful days suspense [ twcen us that we will be irresistsbly drawn a fearful orror o! thi m who claimed to ?,lima frequently, for vefy day she stole that followed to the poor, weeping, widow- to each other.' be her f,,tbcr, i away from her hpme down to the hut in the " = _L DJ[.JT I & N / ONLY.. edmotheriu her darkened cl amber, andI He sigheddeeply, as he answered : She mi_ hthave learned in time to be more daughter him but for cur- everglade, there to spend aa hour with the " " 4. -at..a - - - . to the little awe-stricken eldid who real- I hope you are correct, Mima, but I can- outcr,,pvi,g or his character, which poor stricken old man in it. tad afterwards , " " . . These Goods are marked m r.ed that something awful hadl happened,[ not be anything but miserable until [ know manifestc,l themse',vc after he had been to walk home with her lover. She could but could not comprehend n ture off, him. tlave-you thought, darling, Ihat he established master of his new homo a Dexter & Hasktns,]]l dtv|n PLAIN FIGURES,,." . " m yrefusetor- tifythsgiftthat you h ve week. He was tyranical and cruel to the not aecount tor the irresistible way she wa, servants, who had been fused onl3 to kiod- dr: wn to this strange old man. She Was O~r Large Stock of |.Oi. l i K VV WV . lIe willcome to me; he is not drowned ; [givenmeof cl rs..lf--thst he may deny nessfrom Mima and her mother. Ito was happier with him than any other, except ' ! ok in m own me the rlv|]e of 8oon calling you wife p, thobet ] " "=-- " " ---- "" " -- " " t a for a . 8ILVSR PLATED WARE " i So can readily see what you his dear eyes wi i ye. lo " y i[ p" ge parsimonious, treacherousauddisho est in C ird;sheolungtohim with all the any his dealings, beg ti to be overbearing ions intensity that motlu ' wo ld to her or upon the mound m king last restS. [ lter arms clung a moment around his and unkind to Mime. often speaking rudely ' e would neck on wttnessmc, has dmtress, whale she n ve 0t o 80t8, t I i UN|O[I 9 I g P y .- ino place, the poor weeping V'flIll atd lookup,' "'brave]" ate" "bts e es, for abe to her, and when Caird Meredyth paid his stricken child, leaning to eagerly watch constaaUy ev a when tmonths s " " y " " y usual visits, he was So boorish and ungen- every changing expreNion of his face, and Ice Pitchers: ] [ Garment without asking. .waiting and watching piled Upon each! loved too fondly, and was too pure and .in- tlemanly in his treatment of him as to make anticipate his every wish. ' . Dido, I , , otheff, forming years, i ! nocent to be ashamed of showing her almost ItUnbearablewas only,t thatl owever,proud-spiritedalter he Mime's visits to the invalid were not " : ;" Cake Baskets, t New Bedford, Mass,, t Mary Abwellrealised that own life ti.,n: " learned that Mimassenwe of duty to him ifruidess" He grew to watch them with " " ] ] OY oouM not be a long one and thr 0gh these My father will be too noble, Caird. to be ,mr father was so great as to overcom6 : painful eagerness, giag inte wild d pair ? ereoats, sorrowf:lsma,sherommjoy-w--,iatram,ng g,mty of nnything that would make his her own yearnings, that he f0rbade .lmrl if foranyreasonsitewasdelayedia retmh- from encouraging the attentions of C rd, i ing him. His eyes grew to be not to wild, A~O all desirabll~ ~tyim of SPOO. S, O S, - [eep~ constatly on hand full line of t . _ and treated her harshly.; . '1 Pug KNIVES, &., of qutltty, and at ] : ' [ A lar 0 line and LOW Priest rhe first month of since thb arrival I hit face got so sad, and -has. speech more low tprteettt /__ _ I .... of her parentwas indee'd amens sorrowful semsible. UnderMinm methisg Sentence SO. aS., I BIaAN BOOKS, ] , and bitter, one,to Mires. ,, ' * * i re,son W= attempting to sgsin russet its New gedf0rd, ' WRITtNO'P4PSXS, ] ue l-ers " ..... Catrd Meredyth was m' agony over the throqe. It was most st meh times way matters were vrogr0ssing at the Ab- to witoe= the t ff wlm ofthe poor weak man "l[ [! " i well plantation. He regiized everytime he Ito grasp some thread of memory, that, I.umber for ale, " ~ ' ~ ' ] ' ~ "~ ~ ~ I ' 't Heelers % now, for he had almost 0eased his visit, t,)l eluded hi= and left him iu despair. . b.w Aedsv r hlagr q re iatlie S t[tmerytmdd. I " " " et hal rest.' her hast her faith h ppy. . . her home, th. t he might escape cmstant I Daring Once th se vi' to rite hut, Spruce and Hemlock Lumber '" ' [ A ]q c e iR inqfit' t 0n. ,of |.i4 all these And she retired to her chamber, and qtti- insultSmore od'frmsuchherdretdfulfather'litethatto hertewwouidmnthskill J[ Mime propo. ! a walk, which the invalid s to wee in etl thought over all that her lover had [ i :l etr tklmd.gtsxpre p" g y . her. Thinking it all over one evening, he I gladly acceded to, leaning on Mim e arm SHI NGLES. BOOKS INDIG0 ]kug HINCHILLA, i said,going to sleep after it happy, and with-knowingdetermined to-gUShes her fatherVerwouldt MuLl'abe absentifme'on Ii pral ling in grant gl t. ambo to NATHANIJ~I~ILJ~Jt~I~AN . , | ; ,Yottzfat erwiW eome ' dm ddp'watch out fear. that evening, and attempt to induce&er to I and Caird led the way. How it eamoubout -- -- ~m~l~ t9 erd#r of any altd my | .... ^ '@rJti a t hhim that I him Nothing eoq d have been more startling become his wife at once a=d thus secure ] none knew. but the party totmd themselves I ar -toteo to M-amy. i Ik'm p g LdL d11418 . t | " [ . lUl eOl l,, I la'.' than the information awat J her hm i WttllOut premedil iou at tin baeisl ground. It was a lovely, moonlit evening, and he ] where reded Mima s mother sad many 'dmk hastened his steps, leeli g nis heart beat t PAPBR BAGS, , ' ft[i others. The invalid begaa to read the q" t .... -- : y W00 ..... Zhe ae e pt t, 95 i, hg.]9,v.i h mds elHer father h,,d a.r.rived dorin.g the night, ftister and more j,,ylully as hc approached ] wo .,I immribed oa the tkat he -ood ' Her. lttimept-prow.d.: il elf tree. opening her eyes the following morning. CASS!MEILg 1 SUITS ,ere bloo aing their How sbo robed her, lf. how she re ed inte, iu thoud ht. thd he had[pass.d, until he eameto ooe more la Stea- suddenly, and With a startled scream, she / " 1 " ~ ' " ~ = ~ ~ ~ 1 " ~ fsidaf li t ev, r 7rest d,olved on lost parent, she never alter realized. There spr ng lrom her se. t. Lo, k|ng hastily ! he read aloud : "Or 15.-=. "f WINF. , li.ttime , l rgi tt.le &0 the the threshold of the roo m holding her long- phttme4 kow he would ,drpri.-e her. wbe,n ] ti us.nd tasteful tium the rest, from w&ieh [~" DgALI~t~ I~q 1'!!114 q',Y"ea8 rely dja t fi@ Oim it. ; , , [ she stopped, clinging .to the door for sup- preoeive the cause of her alarm, he saw ] IAWr Anwrt . i " haviqgtheirord rs fl||ed P t.)MPrLY. . . _ : ,l m w.r utm'eword tl * Pross her port, while she eagerly arched the face thatatalwartnegro, in sailor's e stume,] Aged42. had sprung the shuddery up the vet- I" He started as he prono,Jooed rite lame, , "., : A e lolce select!0n .m, =,her bewildermenh l er intense of an elderly man oplkndte her, who at,_ l and a steps to within a slep of Mime. _ A I -- BOY I OT :.flaodoffjoy,,tholmwi:'u,ordsre-withhisoutstretchedaxmaaud eager face great, burly creature oftremeudous stren th . Clasped his hands over hhltemple sld re" - C H EAP-]- ,---- ' C ttlN0 You Ooing P ist? DELICIOUS . ! . ....- -. vealed to" her tim .kmmwledl etthtt her welcoming her. . bodyand limbs spoke f0r anything. with]t ateditlowlysever ltim--hta t 'lmge IIItlmr,meura l 0o long u d fred, as alive. But from that face and figure her eyes au ugly, thouglt not ,repulsive face, made i bewildornlet t. Then, as if light emlu to so, cs.Taz V J OI ES II_] [ I ust: Received. , ' mul would soon with Iit letter wandered searchingly, unsatisfied aroundcap.rere Uideous bYwhich he wore ;; this; w the eomie t!theClOSecreture i m, undSkUlL]him suddenlY,with a greathe fellmosainglmme upOUmob, udthe [ " " I : . . I.wealed t at his long the room, coming back to it with aa who, before CMrd could esrry out hi4 par- t A V | L [. ~-The Crushed Wh A,., raeked Corn, ll it i , ' siieece. ' ! " - awfuldepthofdisappointmeuttmhar fans. pose to spring him, thinking his inten. { wr pping his arms around the omt con- &IN . onhn lgudJULIoa Applm,d y Grmedm i : .whenthe .e tmo 0tm te lye re- 'No, no, yoware otmydearf ther.'slm siena there not honest, spoke oat iu a[t=ioiugthatname, wcptas'ffld bmrt w= IISMI Ab 1' ' - " , WJ Le tvoffi g G pwell to aid.. 'Oh, where is mY father ! .Has beDou'tti led go to bein'. eared: of me, Mb- tl breaking. , 8AYLIES & CO. : ,,. ' , On y qents.. Aq t ea, tere tphkt w|ttt I l/ ,ghte , notoomeP H=vetk,ylmendemtvm meP sesMima;don youdoit" for. golly,I Mima stood powerlese io mmt emont. t clung "toAnd with heart-rending sobs mra d to fly Sambo' am de last nigger alive wet ud ] Cai sprug forward to lift tim gWat~log, lti~of th~ i.,.~-t .,h~t~ ..-,d .!1 th.- .............. :~-' : " ' "" ~ - f~ltdkm~b~m.ixed, rytd*, for us, and sold b~ TXT'~ f~'VTr='r ,--** O=rowumake Sewed i ,'? .... " " " .a' lm Lfur. anY.f .l t/of itstt, from the room. - - harmsbairofvourlubi he d.' : ] term, butSambostopl lbim wil imm " .m#'ie wttn rten, gto& y surfaep. no " " - ] " " [ meaning iu his face. Tltugthey remained " .,.= L.v-_ q I an .... am bttlqfor ,nd: safftNrir bes n 7 Mim,, m.y daughterP .id the et ngeyou. said Mima,Y still" tr mbhng" with" up-" : -'- ttous ~ ' ' " ~ '''~ : ':Ir#~i" ~ ab0u|fmmWmto ws e, leeood: m toaidreproaeh, you deeply wound ' seve ti m!nutea, when tim weeping ' "W av, you see, m|e ee ' dere be a "b ry I aroused htmamlf, all, rising aOowly ~.;'_. .. .: -1~]POigqPI~31D~.J[~M) ]1[~. I-Ml'r~ t-~ r~n'q~tli I'l'q~' "[ Bo oaud ='oothpietr, rres,.annw,s m mxue I Akbta.'." he wu losttlul love of my chiidP Have I bees sick" elm man l er" " " de : 'Sambos' ,elba.a," his feet looked vsem ly spun tim face - " _ JL Uq.?lk3. l-I .SUe J.. tbewo "..- ' ' sp redthrougi, so much suffering to m liLFou'dj eome'ol et" and talk Ibefomhim, reeoguh gamm antfl be eu- ............. No. 101. df~.tleag, allatmdiom~me_ t~sn_t, nmqws~msub "~ ; ! . ~. , t- AI RLE WOKIK _ } [ [ [ ] I " .nutt -m[vfat -, ,wql;e tbe'ungratefulneu of the only object him. Iknowyefswsetv01eeud do him a ceuntered Samlm's ea m',ezpeetsst gue. ram-m,,,--..-- ...... , wMutWCm=Strmt. eree='me m , t '" " &li M ld .e 4ml tXloveP Cr ,eroel fat !'why. l"m youa fellerso tobder senm , tt .might . r . misty sight o g0od_ When it bew|ohes Then holdingo b kmuis to rite "faithful 20 North Second 8tree xm = m; ! ' , - N c tu ,mtom; ,m t u, UIr 1- ,a:A, _ preserve mmc0nly that I bewltebseusehttotheoldmse, you mow. dark,, Im mmhim L with tim of ud/he.p, o ,d every sigh of ,. tm lk late a eludr,--aml__holdioz Id# qirdJmd I. his hand on Sambo sc llar, I kavu INida king. dark, flt'f, dmmm. -a . t paY. - . io" his hlmd , wept, bi r/y. tims terror and s t'rbog eSeSlm, atil but tim oloods m all .at lut, ee, Stones, " , " _ew - . -- . : El( : hesitated butmoment kruger, andtlum, Imlesrae~thd~hia did act I~long here is my poo~ dead wif. They ~ to . J. lit,- I[111 " ,:. . " ', fro. _ . " " . , " :, fond it =R,r a idea, loug '" .8cr011s, _ t r .. llttMd Ametmt .wOrn tmt gki I