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October 18, 1894     Vineyard Gazette
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October 18, 1894

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i i,u i, lU, lll ii ........................ i , r, - ,,r ,=,,,~,~, ~ . -. r .... t r-., 1 f -, ...... , I EDSARTOW:I t the gale of last week, had come out leston ros. v,,... ,,r,, , ,,,.. _ ' ,,o,.m ............... Exh" ..... pies of the Oazg:r'rz can be obtained at [ in ~.Ienemsha creek, with only a split ORK STOI , ,.,,, ,,,.,,,,,. ,.T ,. .... .... . ...... -.-, ..... i the sto:es or W. m eatUe aud Fr,d. m .uu~r. wilt coster a t.vor b, not,t,lng us/, Capt. Handy, of She was commanded by atl~e Cape,' who had p ....................... ] of arrival of guests, aawe d~lre taillike o~r Per- 1 wlLn nltn allOt, nel" ],ape man; ano nas U. il. ,vl.ll,~||t.I/ ~ lfO.. I',il|llXllera. 'sonalcolulnuascom leteas ....... le .~ ~ . ,~ ~ o . ~ l ~ ~ /been engageu in ~Otlnd nsulng dur- "V"r:Z,W:EI'Y'.A.:I::) l: ::: ..... :':L : the fall. Mr. Mayhew is to be A Local V,'cekly Newspaper, 1,ublished every | O,~mm-,~,qn,- M,,,,~,v n,.~ ~d_ thelnnG~r-tulate,] -n the woath~,.lv ,,,~all Tliursdav afterlmon, devoted to the h)eal interest~ i ~..v ..,~,~ . ~ *.,~,.,u,~,*.y, v.-~. ---~, ~ TT--ta --- : ................. a -i,~,---" Behold Ali=Things are New 4 ,,. o, .,.,. uo.,, w, ic..o buihlast tlle DeSt auvertlsing nlPtllUnl wnereoy to radii [ lie-.- r~,~_.2.,,_ tg__,t_ L .... ~,.._----a lwinter it h-van- bee,, ,-r~-,,---~ I,,, the wire e resident I opulation of said county, l xti 1 ~. rt~tilrlv~a ~r ort, U nan egd,Lt-gl~u I've ]~ ~ - t~'~'~ ~.~. '~ v ,Ja..~,J~,~, u.~ " ~ - " 'from b(r visit in Hineha-" t tn Uape Woe nsnermen as ms] ann / Marriages antl Deail~s inserted free; bn~ all adcli- | " I$ ~.." l. ,,, . - . tions io the ordinary announcements 5 cents per | ]~[,~ l~a C', .~,d~./l ;h 41~;~;nc, ;.. [ as aole as any neat ]n thew own Cape line " ' ! .......... -- .... "~ .............a ,I., | it,~e~ That we display, and if you are contemplating the purchase of Gal' ne Is, C~rds of Thlmks and of public acknowledgment / Fall lHver. " - |"~C:pt J A Slamm, U S R M has Dress Goods, Black Silks, Outing Flannels, or Blttukets, it, justice Inserted at the uniform price of 59('. each. | Ml'~ Charles Norton returned home| ....... to yourself you should first see our line. Here are a few Or,lers for ~ll kinds of Printing will receive[ from T,tunton on Tuesday. been. detached from the . Dexter', promptattenuon, ant~ueneatiyexecuted. | DI A F ~" " ade "ti "o ~os gian~ea,~u(laysleave Iom the l~:t|l SAM~L~ OFFERINCS ', ] ' "'' ' l, '. ~.. recx m a tp ~ ~ - inst., and at the expiration of that l, adiea' Jacket 38in. long, madei Blankets t Blankets ! ! The rep:)i't of the Coinmissioner of~ ~on on .uonoay. time is ordered to assume colnmand of beaver cloth, light tittle, g, double l " " " Pensi,m~ for the fi~cal year ended] John N. Pierce, E.~q., accompanied of the steamer Morrill at Charleston, breasted, pointed revers an4 roll col- Our Leader Nathan like it before I Jute 30,1894, states that the number| by his mother, ou Tuesday returned S.C. The Morrill is nearly a new tar, large drooping sleeves, price 810, P;'e -9 g ' ". ofv"~'n~itmt]'s, on the rolls June, 1"893,, from their, visit,, ~ . t~ Dr. Frank Pierce, cutter, about 100 tons. larger than. the. others from $5 up. I t e, e. pair, wa- 966 012. that durin~ the y~ar 39 - at Marstou s Mills Dexter, and the Charleston station ]s 083 new pPn~|onels were added to the Mr John M White, of Lawrence, conmdered a very desirable appoint- , Dres~ Goods. Black or Blue' ~ ~ . " " " ..... rolls, lind 2.398 ptex'tt)tlsly dropped father of Assistant CasL]er White of ment. Capt. Slamm will take with Storm Serge, 44in. wide, imported to fM/ P/~TM Q~Ilh~KQ sell at 75c. yard, our price 50c. yard. ~,t_ ~.vt,, ~,~r~,,~.~, wel',, lustered, while 37.951 have been the bauk, was here over Sunday, the him the good wishes of hosts of ~ Black India Twill, 50;n. wide, We have beautiful patterns, in 1 yd, dropped for death and other causes, guest, of his son at the Ocean View. friends hera. The captain was ou made tosell at $1.25 yard. We bought 1,~ yd. and It yd. squares,and ,n June 30, 189i, the nuulber of Mrs Chas T Foster dau-hler and that station as a lieutenant some ,pel's"n ,]'s up,m tile rolls, was 969,54t ......... so- -'r- au~sts -f Ms./ Ct~ester E.'~ dozen years ago. it under price, offer it at 81.00 yard. Prices the Low, eat. he number of p* ns]on ~ertlficates Pea.~e The Hattie E. Smith. Novelties in Blue Illuminated ................ lust|e,| d,tring the year ~a~ 80 213 and .Mr. L C. Wimponney, wife and The report in Friday's papars con- Fabrics, nothing prettier, onlyh0c, yd. See the bargains we have in 132,873 claims of all classes were re- cerniqg .the loss of the whaling jec~ d. ........ --,.,.- son,trip, left this morning for a Boston schooner Hattie E Smith of this port, Mr. and Mrs William Fisher, of with Capt. Johnson and all on board, Silk IVari, Iienrietla, 44:in. wide, all the new shades, price 87~c. yard, 4-4, $-4, 6-4, ~-4 worth $1 yard. , (~I~ ~LOtl~[~a The o:,ly contest locally this fall Black .~ilks. We have a cam- _ ...................wouht s,, m to be over the election of North Attleboro, have been recent plete line, embracing the following ........ a Rap,', s~,,tative to the Let~islature. guests of Mrs. Sarah E Pease. popular weaves: Moire Satin, Moire~ l~ctgarto~n patrons can .give '['he Rvpr, sentative pot is eommenc- Mrs E F. B.)yd, of Boston, was ll,~n~|in~ T.,II,~ f'dr(~u P*,'nin ~,} h oraersto air ~]aynew, stage or]per, ing to *illlll|ei' and before another hero se~e~al days during the l-]st Ot sen(l oluers ny mall ant[ India, China anti batin. , ' week wdl d,,ll)tlt.s~ come to the boil- we~,k, the guest of Miss Eliz~ It. ing p,d.t. I~.ur oandidates are in Wilbur. Now is the time to buy ~ilks/ Goods will be delivered Free. the fi,ld, anti the Vineyard voters will Damh.lions in full bloam w, re .................................. doubtless exel else their usual wisdom brought iuto our uffive as curiosities . & E EAGLESTON .... ' in a choice, lhe four are: O mFoss, yesterday. v, A P L S. Howland, Joseph Dies, Lieut.'and Mr< W. A. Failing left ' " " " " each of Cottage City, and Ensign E. on Monday for New York for a few ' Howes, of G~snold. day~ visit with M,' Fatliug's relatives ...... ....... in that (qty. " THE OSTONIAN" THE SWEET SONGSTRESS. Mr. el.utter, a salesman from Piano Organ and Sowing Na hino Parlors Brw~LDurl'ell&C?sBstn''vas [Written for the Vhaeyard Gazette.] here Sunday and Monday, at the Sea } On one sombre October day,verging View. on to three centuries ago from this Mr. Walter Jernegan left Wednas- EAGLESTON BLOCK, - VINEYABD llAVEN, eve, the Pilgrims might have been day lnOl'nil,g on his retuln to Balti. Ir~ansand tWl0 Malhl tl"e'm '" "'"'" ' '' Pianos . ' fanning with baffling winds an uncut- Mrs William W. King left Satur- fain way for a landing among the day for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. sands and rocks of Cape Cod Bay. Mead in Dorchester. ']:he forests then must have been of In the divorce case of Walter K. brown, red and golden. Flocks of Norton, libellat~t, vs. Lydia W. Nor- wild fowl from the crisp north might tom at the Sep.ember sitting of the "J- ~O'~'~]Sr'~ ~::}~I~tPii~'FOR SALEAND TO ldET,a~ have been seen, weary in their flight Supe]'ior Court a decree nisi was southward, and the "hunter's moon' granted. J.N. Pierc~ for libellant. .~'~ ~H]~. must have been a guide for them Capt. Frank C. Smith, of New Bed- ~~0 $0~ ~O~,:B= . across haunts void of food and ford, arrived last evening, called here warmth, on account of the critical condition Upon this lonely but lovely spot, in of his brother, Capt. Rufus N. Smith. the cemetery at Gloucester, I saunter for a purpose long coatemplated. W.H. Mayhew, th~ p)pulal hard Fortunately I have the Ware merchant, who is at the same THOMAS MELLEN, Auctioneer, Real Esta!O_ and!nsuran e Agont. Four Houses for Sale. Furnished Houses to Let REAL ESTATE BOUGHT AND SOLD ON COMMISSION, Agent for the Cnulbridge~ ~[utunl, Bristol County, and twelve other I us; 1; ;C;; ~c;:.u C~ 1::; M:l; can;:; nL g: ta ~:r :,] [::i:s::: ?ca opportunity as I leave these shores, perhaps for- time a Rood deal of a sportsman, went ever. Walking slowly, in quiet garb, out a short time one night last week. is a venerable man--a would-be man returning with a brace and a half of of God. In his form one could read bluebitls. of one who had baptized, married Capt. Abram Osborn attended the and consigned to the earth the same; Deluocratic Oongressional Couventiou one who had been called to tend the at New Bedford last Monday, which same flock and to offer its offspring to nominated ex-Senatt, r Robt. Howard a changing world; one whose final Mrs Henry O.'Adlington, Mrs. Gee. call from (lad would leave a vacant A Fisher anddaughterWinif]ed, left seat in every household of the parish Wednesday for a visit in North Attle. over which he had auswered every bore, Mass. smile of doubt] one whose grave would be watered by tears from all, Mrs. F. H, 8arffent, the well-kl]own New Bedfordmilliaer, is at Marchaut .................. "~ .......................................................................... " one who would softly and patiently ~ I T * 1 1 Commonwealth of MassachtlSel[S. lead the naturally sinful into paths of goodness; and, lastly, one who could ~d/ [I 00111111 O,,.e of ,,o B~a,d o, frame minds for self-searching and 1 I II llrll lIarbor and f~a;,t Commissio~ters, not mar that progress towards purity I UUHHUH ~owdoin Street, BOS'ro~, o~'t. '~. t8~,. by the impulses of his own nature. Men such as this venerable pastor ~ ~..~ ~IOTICE is hereby given that the ]~[e.le~,,aha live with their own aud die only to l~~ ~ ,~ 1 11 I~ {~'1, ('ontpa.,, nf Gay Head, M...... hastransfer an earthly, loving burden-- ,,*JV/l~a~ " ~ ; n I~ m,1 ~ made aup]ication to thl~ Board f)r li(ense t o l,ul|d l l"IIIIIIII . wharfin and over the tide waters of M,.n ...... ha an humble crown of toil and trial--to p~'[~z~__/~~l~l '~ II|l~llV Bightinthetownof6ayth~,ad, its per plaOs filed another. ~~? V] ~ il LII.~ with said application; and . ~, . y " | Ullflllll ',,EsnA~, the 23d day of October, 1.94, SirL said I, I am seeking the tomb of the swe~t "songstress, ]~mma ~t~" i~a~v~'~' at ]1 o',d~.~k ~. =., a~a tbta omee. have ,,eon ~ Abbott; I have heard her in my " ~ .... ..................... signedinterestedaS thetherein.time and place for hearing all parties wanderings and learn that she is ....... ~" 's loaded New For the Board. here." 1U g~t. L). ~}1. t.~. ~o.. " " " ...... ] d with 4~ d Orange WOOl)WAIl1) EMEBY. ehai..... n. "Fliend,'' said he, "the loftiest UIUD ~ilellS, ioa( e ~- ............... - ....................................... powder, l~-oz, shot, $1.75 per 100. ~,,..~ structure here is where her ashes lie, 50c. box of 25. ".L'k.) aud it marks the love she bore her 12-ga., loaded with 3d. Orange pow- it am t ! m ! I ~ husband; but thehumblest stoneover der, 1 oz. shot, 81.60 per 100. 3~d. ~]~[]~]-~ .~ 1]..1~-O.... 1., her would be nut monument to her Orange powder, 1~ oz shot, 45o box I~I~0L[]I~,~ ~I] |]]]~]~ h[~]~,~T lovely character." The good man ..... " ' I!1/11111 lib Illll ill,ill pointed and I followed the direction. zo snails. ' ~ Before me loomed a magnificent Shells loaded to order, with Schultze or ]]lack ]'owdm any size sbot. ------ tomb, designed by her and only com- pleted after her death. The sweet Schultze Powder in l.ib. cans, $I.00 per can, GE,VTLE,IIE.V n.V/~ VmEXDS: -- C,,n-i.l~r. songstress had caused this to be reared ing if Gosnold does not have a turn to ~t,nd the tO the memory of her husband. The ............. l~eprssentative to the Legislature th!is yrar she U AD wnl not for thirty years, Ih...... leeidedto run ~s ~tructure is at least eighty feethigh, arahed and triangular in form, of ~l~l~U VV E. ]kl.~JL.9 an lndependent Candidate, and would ask tl~e sul~- pure whita marble, and its carving L~W~ AI,T, KINDS port of all friends of right and jusUce, tho purity_ of simplicity, rieh and im- v~.- ,~----, Very respectfully, Good~ for the Boatmmu. ESSmS E. IIOWEa, posing. It leaves the ignorant won- ~ood~ for tile ~porlSnl~ll. Octlh, 1894. T:trpaulin Cow, l~ss. dering and the intelligent admiring. Goods for lhe l~leehauie. " ............................................................ As I scanned it her "'Home, Sweet ~.j.U.T~T(~-~- Home" passed soothingly by upon Goods for the Pninler. the tablet of memory and beat a W MII|Ii [ [ir measure to lull the heart to rest. Call and Examine Stock and Places. - .... Her "Swaunee River" revives within lira-itl~-~lir ff|gLUUI |I/U IllUU lnehistory and strife; then it fades e I gently away down the dim halls of WIll, fl, !1114111r. COMPANY" dreamland. Hardware Store, Over 1 800 Ca'aural $ , ,000 Losses paid since organizationEmma Abbott loved America, and and over $1,150,000 in Dividends.theatrical America cherishes her lov. North Water Street, Edgartown. C~,hrunds, $~.000ing heart. I call to mind her charity , . .,. " Cash St~rplus over Liabilities, 3:#J,000 to all in deeds as well as in words. I ....... For 8aleor To Rent. EVERY LOSS PAID IN FULL. remember her offe]'ings to her ehurch, The two-story buihling lately occupied hy Ralph The dividendor return premium on allpolicies he]" love of the Sabbath, her efforts Cleveland, Esq., as a grocery store. Building in In this Company expiring on and after the first at the purification of her much abused good condition 37x17 ft. with an eU 28x21 ft. day of July, 189'2. wilt be '/0 per cent. on allhyears, profession, and, withal, her honest WALTER S. OSBORN. 50 par cent. on all 3 years, and 25 per cent, on all of contempt for deception. God gave Edgartown, Oct. 1893. a less time. .......... ~-~----A'~-'~'-m'-m .............. CHAS. A. HOWLAND, Pres. andTr.aa'r, to Emma Abbott a husband for a ' -FOR SALF| WILLIAM H. FAY, Secretary. reward and removed him from her as 30$EPI|T.PEASE. Edgarlown,a test. She staggered under the Agent for the Company. blow, and smiled as death claimed TheHou ....... I Lot on South Water her. She loved Gloucester by the ~JW~.~street, two doors from Bank. Apply t(, THOS. MELLEN, sea, spent her summers here, and F~tgartown, Aug. 30, 1894. Item Estate Agent. would sleep neat" the rote of the ._________----------------------------- ocean. The rough fishermen doffed For Sale at aBargain-- their sol~'westers to the sweet woman as she passed, babies wo~qd wave An Easy Ci~atr, Small Sofa. and Marhle-Top MRS. F. H. SARGENT, chubby hands at her distant form, Table. Inquire at (~AZE'rTE OF~C~. and men learned from her the hidden ---~--- OF NEW BEDFOaD, p~l~ities of stage life. ................................................ ,t~,Over the northern arch of the tomb FOR IIAS PUT IN A FULL LINE OF we find "In loving memory of Eu- ALE, A Farm Wagon. At~o, IarlorCoalStove, . [ILLIN ,I]y Apply to WM.~. ~ER~EeA:~. be}eyed sleep." In the centre of this ~d~arto~Tn, S,q~t."~, ]~4. ......... beautiful monuv~ent~ kissing the ............. .an-l"~. earth, is a simple tablet of purffwhite marble to her who has moved the Waut,,datonceafew pupils in painting--inoil 1 hearts of thousands by her sweet, or water colors. Sonic attention wUl also be given sympathetic voice. Upon this tablet to pastel work. For terms inquire of ,~T--~ is simply "Emma Abbott"--nothing MA ROHANT & GO Edgartown, Oct. 18, 1894. _-- -FAIR PREMIuMS[ .'S knew her, and that ia all ,he woqld ask. Beneath this tablet, in a copper Deparlmeut Slore, box two feet ~quare, and that enclosed iu a polished marble receptacle, are 'rl ...... |u F, lgartow,~ t,, wlmm l,remhu .... ere the ashes of this lovely character. awarded at the h,,*t Agrieuiturst Fair can obtain AND WHERE WILL BE FOUND the r n,ox ey I,v caning up,,n B. T. Hinman on or She was cremated at her own request, ,,,ore s,,,-. A I, I, T ll LA ST together with her magnificent theat]i- NOVELTIES!o,' -',o".. '"- "o,"o' light flickered, and so charity took a stronger hold upon her beautiful life. Thus she gave theatre goers an exam- :BDG~da'rOWl, ~liS., [ ~t~ SLI act aft ention paid 1o order plq of stage life so pure that it reflects Offer HARDWARE, AORICULTUltAL TOOLS, I ~'ork, and all work done attoday upon the footlights where other AND CORDA(I-E. ] the stole in Nc'w Bedford.good characters stand. '*To the pure all things are pure." o,,,. ...... ,_,.. , ....... ..,,.,.,w_ ~,.,, b, ,,,,,..,,.-,,o,,~. '""'"" n0 etnT ~. CUTLER, pail m' k~'g. , I leave this tomb forever, thinking sltdty of the past, the sun sets in dull A ,,,od assortment of t~int and Whitewash [ gold: the widows of Gloucester at my Brushe~. I EDGAltTOWN, MASS., feet lamont their loss, tlae fishermen N~w Jersey, Woolsey's and Tarr & Wonson's ] --"--wn racr 0rs and chant a good fare. the ro,k, darken Copper Paint~. as night closes in upon the sweet Garden S~eds, by weight ~r n]eas~lre; t songstress, and your seribe drops out I Red Top, Clover Herds Grass, Lawn Grass and t Of sight somewhat weary with time. Bide Grat~s Seed. [ ~gltres given on all kinds of .New Work, slid All for sale as low as can be 1)urchas~d in the /Prmpt st]cotton g/yen io repairs i)f eli kinds of buildings. Satisfaction guaraot~vd, All ownare ............. r ~ ~ ........ town, of like quality. ] of property will do well to correepond with US. DI]~D. Printer's lnk has made r~re fortunes than have | ~]H[O]~ O~" ]DO4~lff IBt~l'lR~l~ ever been made on all thee]oak exchanges and ha ] nEED.--Ai Squibnoeket, Oct. 2, 18L~4, Me. Rodaey [ III the gold mtnu In the world. I NEAR STEAMBOAT WtlARr. - R Reed. aged 69 :,'ears, 1 mouth, and 3 da~t. I & Co.'s store, with an elegant lille of goods. See announcement in another column. Our frienas and all interested will pardon us if we again annou'~ce that the comraclors for the buildin~r ~f the new Mudgett residence are E R Dunham, Jr., William Pent and E R Dunham, Sr. This we kw)a to be a fact because we have seea the offizial document. The scho,~ner .~Clara E. Colcord, ~89 tons. Which it will be 1.em~m.,~ bered, was ashore OLI the ii~ts here iu ~Iay, 1593, loaded with sugar from Cuba, met with disaster in the gale of last week and is a total wreck on Cnrnfield Reef, L~ng Idand Sound Miss A~ame M. White, whq has at- tended session~ of the ~iuperior Gourt here a~ the offi;i,tl stenographer, has rece],t]v been appointed s~enograph~r to the E:I litv Session Court iu B,s ton. Miss White is succeeded, by Miss Oars E. Bat'bank. The formal transfer of the com- mand of lhe U. S. S. Dexter from Capt. Slamm to ('apt. Oahlielson, took place at this Do]'t at :~0 a. rn Saturday. We welcome Capt. G. bat& to this station, and to the cutter in which in foriner years he did such excellent service. Medical. Examiner Walker was called to Vineyard Haven Wednes- day to view a body which had been found floating in the water at the North Shore. It hassinee been le~i'ned it is the body of one of tha crew of steamer M,~ella, wrecked last week near Point Ji~lith. was not given much credence here. Old whaling masters contended vna~ a vessel having as mud~i oil aboard a~ the Smith is reportedhav- ing wouhl not sink, o1' if she did sink, Buzzards Bay wouhl have been cov- ered with oil. No oil was in sight. Mr. Osborn, tile vessel's Owner on Thursday evening last had a letter from Capt. Johnson. dated at sea, Oct. 6~h, w]'ittea hurriedly in order to send it by an incoming'- oeeau steamer. He reported all wed and did not sa.~' anything about coming home or mak ing any other port before the end of the prescribed cruise, about Nov. 1 The vessel at that writibg had 365 barrels sperm oil, a littl~ o~er tour months out. ' ' Thama Nice New French Prunes. ~':":,''"Just opened, another lot M~]en, of that nice Corned Beef. " On Satut'd~y weshall open some chQiee Lean Spiced Beef. Get you]" houses insured, get your furniture insured, at Mellen's. " REPUBLIGAN COHVENTIONS, COUNT CO~VEN'rloN. The Republicans of Dukes Counts held their County and Representa- tive Conventions at Edgartown Town Hall in the afternoon of Saturday last,,. 'lhe County Convention was held first, and was called to order by C. G. M. Dunham, secretary of the County Coifimittee, as W. D. Harding, the chairman, could not attend. W. J. Rbtch and Z,mas D. L'ntou were elected temporary chairman and secretary, J. It. Mnnt'oe, Horatio N. Pease aud Ulysses ]~. Mayhew w_ere ap- pointed' a cotnui~ttee on credentials. They reported nine delegate~, repre- senting six towns, v;z : Edgar]own 2, Cottage City 2, Tisbury 2, West Tls bury 1, Chilmark 1, Gosnold 1. C, G. M. Dunham moved that in the 'absence of any delegate from Gay Head the convention "elect" E. D. Vand(~rhoop, of Gay head, a delegate to.the convention from Gay Head. He was so elected. ~he temporary organization was made permanent. E" D. Vandel'hoop moved that nom- inations be tnade, where practicable, by acclamation. ~t was ad~ted, and the following no~mnations were made : For County Commissioner F. P. Viti~ent, of Cottage City, For County Treasurer--J. H. Mum roe, of Edgartown. For Register of Deeds---L, C. Wim- penney, of' Edgartown, Upon motion the chair appointed U. E.e. Mayhew, A. B. Veeder and C. G. M. Dunham a c, m nittee to nomi- nati~ a County Committee for 1895. t e fh y reported as follows: Thomas G. Coffiu, E,Igal't,~wu; Horatio N. Pease, Cottage City: George H. Swain, Tisbur~ ; Win" J. Retch, West Tisbury; Daniel Vincent, Chtlmark; E. D. yanderboop, Gay ~ead~ A. B. Veeder, Gosnuld. Thomas G. Coffin deolined to se,'ve, for the reason that he was not likely to be at home next fall, and B. ~1. Hillnian was substi- tuted and the comulit t,e elected. Willis Howes iuoved I hat the County Committee be vested with power to pay bills for advertising, hall rent, etc. for the next Cuut, ty Convention, and that they p~ese~t uueh bills to the County Commissiouera. This was after J. t[. Munroe had guaranteed---on behnlf of the nomi- nees,-the exp~tlses of the present The sele0tiotls rendered by a convention, and let] t,, discussion tetf$ consistintt of Miss Mabel Ken- by Messrs. Duni, am, M,o'hew and iston,soprauo, Mr. F.rank We!Is, tenor, Howes, after which the motion failed Mrs. Cooper, contralto, and Mr C, H.; to pass and the c,~nventioa was ad- Hobart, bass. constitute a new and journed. very pleasing feature of the morniag ~ervice at the Baptist church. The REPRESZNTATIVE CONy~.NTIO~L pieces themselves have been well chosen, and stated rehearsals have The Repl'0sentative ('onvention for Broduoed very satisfaoto~y results, the First Dukes L~ep],esentative Dis- Mr. Grafton H. Smith has applied trict was called to order by Secretary to the Selectmen for license to plant,. C. G. 'M. Ddaham, of the County grow aud dig oysters in-the waters Committee, at 3 p. m. Saturday, opposite the (~ridley property at Oct. 13.. W. J. Retch and Zenas D. Linta~ GhappaquiddiC.for about 800 feotTh'ealoagle~tiUthe shoreeXtendSaud were elected temDo]'ary chairodaia and some ~00 feet oqt ia~ tl~o wittars of secretary, ~nd file organization was the bay. The hearieg on the ab~lve afteruard made pern]anent. is taking place at the Town Hall this Willis Howes, J. H. Munroe and T. G. Coffin were appointed a committee afternoon. A ........ on credentials. They reported 11 sut).ccrlptlon paper m In circuia- dele,,-t,~s .,~,~,~s,~nti-~, seve- f,wn~. lion and being numerously signed for ~ ~'~ii,771 the purpose of sending a team daily 9. (("~t vp~l:,,.'~:"l"'['~,~l,~.L-i'~,, to Cottage City to meet the Nantucket ~e'-'dl" rd,.st"~'LI 1~' "~"'~*~ ...... J stealnel ho~ Wqods o11, and which , .... " ~: , ] E.D. Vaud~ihoop .if, red a resolu- PJ P. " ~ . ,,, P . I convention (,f 183.';. tit,, plan allowed (ltilv .l~a~er--Lnenocessaryamount 14~t.....L...... o ..... ,,,.., ...... ,~ "~zz..., '," "'1 ~ ~ "~ It:$1A~tsI"bU]~vU 0 .)UAI"ya, J l~tSUt,,y~, 3fllfUMO Ll't~ Deen pleU ea, an(]me ~rrango , ' , .... g . ,,. . ~r . "] "[i~hu'i'v'!, Ch l,nar~ 1. Cotta.o (,ity inen~ wn] go into eliecl, on alonaayl2 ~av" Ht~d andGo,hold 1 Ite ne~t: _ [ stlO~eln~ravor of h~ l'e,olution aud Gapt. and Mis. A. D. I~ittle~iel,1 [ oY the old turn systent aa opposed to have recently for some weeks visited J the new one ad,,pted at Cottage City in Maine. From the Bangor Dailq ] ill 1893, and plead that it wits the totn, IVidg of Oct 10th, we clip -th'e the present year, of G'tv [lead and follo~ving eoncerning the. captain: ] Gosn,d,l. " .... "We were plea~-ed to reee]vo a c~ll [ T.G. Comu read a letter prin~ed~in yesterday from Cap], A. D. Little I tile Vi,e.vard Ga,ette of March 9, field, of the U. ~l. l~avenue ~[arine, ] 18:)3, in ~)ihieh sixteen voters of Gas- who has been making a briefvisit ] n ohl asked the Republicans of Dukes with his brother, John Littlefiehl, ['County to support W. A. Morse as Esq, of Brewer. Capt. Littlefield l their representative, and said that rondered gaUaut servino in thenavy ~t.hey had had their turn, t|10r0 ueeil~- during the war, and in May, 186~. ling to',be no question of Gay Head Lieut. C, A, Boutello squared d hun / this ytmr. E.D. Vanderhoop dented as executive officer of th~ U. S. S. Itiid,(~ty Head was bound by Gos- Eutaw, than stationed n~ar Hat'ri-Jnold'~ .aclion. A. B. Veeder skid he son's L:mding, with the naval support ['did not understand that Gosnold was of General Grant's army on the ]giving up her reguhtr tt~rI1 at~ float James River. The former comrades [ time, and remarks followedby Willis had an iu.tereatiag, heR,, host of war- ~ Howcs' .... and others, and the records of time iem]nisceace~ ~" "w '" ' - ' f the last Counly Convention were uur ~o nspeopie were nat only glad |read. The rcsolution was lost. to learn of the falsity of the report'of ~ ..~. G. Coffin moved the renomina- the loss of Sch. Hattie E. 8math, but |g~o of Ods Foss, of Cottage City, by also a few days later to learn.that the |acclamation. E.D. Va~derl~oQ0 dis- cat-boat Swan, owned by Mr. Leander |sented. A ballot resulted as foUow~ : of this tow]l, reporled missing after [ O is Foss, of Cottage City, had 7; ~llALL ! i' BE LACE ! ,, re trim the new dress or to "spruce up" the oldone. We have some ~ry great attractions in net top black Bourdon laces, at 25c., 35c. and 50c. a yard, in matched sets; also rich heavy laces, 62c., 92c. and 81.75 a yard, in widths to match, besides plenty of other grades between these prices. Some exquisite patterns in fine silk laces. Velvet ribbons in black and leading shades. Big buttons for jackets--Ivory, Buffalo, Horn and engraved Pearl. Fur trimmings--the kinds you want at prices you can afford to pay. The popular "silk fur," psrfect copies of mink and b'eaver, 20c, up, according to width. ~Tpholstery Gallery. Plenty of new arrivals in draperies and furniture and pillow coverings. The latest "Babble Cretonne," 30 inches wide, price 17c. a yard. "Momie Crepe.%" 30 inches wide/15c, a yard. "Silkoline," 35 inches wide, 17e. a yard. Money can be saved on lace curtains and heavy portieres, in this depart- ment. Our goods are direct from first hands and only a modest profit is added. Basement: Polished Oak carved book cases, $2 39 each. White enameled wood pedestals or jardiniere stands, 49c. each. Children's white enameled wood rocking chairs, uphlostered in colored plush, 98c. each. Special bargain lot of extra heavy choice patterns crochet bedspreads, $1.00, matchless for the money. DEPART:ENT STORES, Purchase Street, - Corner William Street, NEW B BDFO~tD~ ~J~SS. tltl I i I i !1 Ii IIi i !1 ii III i Ii !1 II tl !111 llll !1 il il Ii tl Ii l;~ HAS A v v~.~ %./~VI~} Mnin ~lreel A BRANCH FROM THE II 75 WILLIAM STREET, NEW BEDFORD. The Largest Retail Shoe Itouse south of Boston. This is one reason why you can sa~e money on your footwear. If we cannot fit you here we pay all express charges on special orders. FINE LAUNDRY WORK, Agents for Parsons' Steam Laundry' WE BEPAIR $11OES AT HOBT NOTICE. --Branch Btore- 126 Circuit Ave, Cottage City, J.K. SILVA, J. T. RA~F~T, Manager. Manager of EnOAR~OW~ S~o~L Ensi~u E. Howes, of Gosnold, 3; David P. Bosworth, of Gosnold, I; and Otis Foss was declared nomi- nated and thanked the convention, Department ytor~ which was adjourned after the eon velltion elected as a District Commit-~ Main Street, Edgart0wn, Mass. tee for 1895 the name gentlemen who were elected County Committee. li~--~ " Holmes Season' bl' W This season's Raisins. , This season's Citron. _m,fh Grandma's Pancake Flour ~Tew ~)r0zs G00~S, "~ .... "" Aunt Jemima's .... " Also in a few days: Hecker's Griddle Cake Flour. Hecke] s Graham Flour. Crystal Gelatine. t th Cox G~latine. 5hirtintz, an o ~eekel~s l~arina. Durkee's Fa~iua or G.anulated " Tapioca. 7 p j Plymouti]R,ckPho p',l~tedGAatiue, ~T0 riat , ast pink and ~hitv. ,. ............................................. recemd. Nissss'H - i R08fsrs SAYINGS ,,, .*O..~EB *,=E*. Do you intend purchasing a "Carpet this Fall ? If so we think wo ean please you. 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' " I~ ][l~ II ~[ ~l~ Also a llt~se amortment ef u. r. wunu, [DZ O IDS, J w Lnx aud Silver Novelties, ihteh ! am zellhag at B~rvo. P,.m=~ 34 In 40 P'r'has' $I" Itew'dffd' Ih'$'I ' B' H -I.MID' [ ~ Purchase Street. - . New ~tordt SIGN OF THE STREET CLOCK. _. BERIAIi T. iliLLI~[AN, I [B--UB~=~.~ ' " " ~,,o,,,, ,, LAw.I' FnAHK~fSI! TH, - eai Est an " ' i at d Stock e,okk . GEORnE PEIRG= , Church Orpn, Read Organ, and Plan0f0rlt ] 0ff]ces: =,= I|EPAIBBB AND TUNIRii. | ---~ ............. ---------Um~.-.-_" --r~, .-. "1 .,t_ tr. i '*Tho Nerve" is the best 5c. cigar yet .~ut O1~. El~rtease leave uraers wits ram8 / r,.y one. For ssae ha ton o~y =t cotu~ ~ ~ " " E. E. F~her, Edgartowa. |s:reet, ghtg#rtown. --