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September 27, 1894     Vineyard Gazette
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September 27, 1894

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................ ~" -- " '"',",--- "'-P- [For the Gazette.] l l 'W'lg &.lll| h | "'"" "'"' ou, is,.o m .+ooo, 8~ Z~ ~[ ! ~ I [ Mr. and Mrs Henry Richmond andI -- Cogshall. of Bodford, are I L OB ON, . guests of Miss Laura Smith. ] ,, -- . , k" . . :rhere are more especially t~o Imnortln Re, L ]ers. bt~!:'l[:,!'lY.Flandersleft frFiteh"I things requisite to render any history Iv ~ i ,. on i ues~ay. ]acceptable and entertaining to judi- _ _ i Mr. and Mrs French, of Michigan, cious readers; namely, first, That the NION ST. AND PU: CHASE ST, N EW B E O FORD M, SS, i'ue' guyots, at the Mansion House matters of factrelated be worthy to U . } , , t .......................... I l~It ]'ea~''ler Bradley, of Boston, be observed and recorded, l~heother I'tttend,,I the funeral of Mrs. Serena is that the things reported be well I~ ~ I~ ~ im A 8 1 ~ ~ P ~| I ~| ~i Daggett last week. attested and worthy of credit." 14KaNII Pal/ IIPP~lmli, Mis Dr. Houghton and child left Thuswrote one of the bestof the ~ilrmlly I~ii-,b v|h-|l|nm l for New York on Sunday sons of !.he Vineyal'd very many ~'em's ~r~ ~...l^. u.;A ......... , ~..~ago, in [ue pl'ela{]e oi that remarKante 4 ~P--~ Jl .... ~.~r,=~ ~,',~a., wuu ul ,~w. book which he terms on "Hist-rical i~-~E_w~4D~-m- Bridgman, died suddenly at Fort ~ssa,,"and which is "~s well one of -~V mimm r.,~,,,, ,,,,.,~,.{-h T,*r.~,~oo T.,,t ,,, ,~t- ~ J' - .... e ..................... e,~=. . th,e grandest missionary reports ever We cordi.tlly inviLe our patron% and the generalpublic of Martha's Vineyard, Capt. Barnard Luce left for a trip written, and which he dedicates: ' ' "" and iu e " " ~all a " ""inter "to k to Boston and Portland on Monday ,,To the tto,or~me tO c,q.LI sp ct our superb nO, W ~ C ~h.~ R~etle lap for XT.w vn, l~ M,,, WILLIAM TIIOMPSON, ESQ, Foreign amid Oommleslic InarKets are well represented in our day. She will return Oct. 1st with and r To tits rest of the Honorable Compan for the ~rand eollectiomz, ~vhlelm includes the Creams of the Novelties for fall millinery and ~,ill open at the ~ .. atlonof theOos,el'i Ne Ly' d ~. ~ . . .t'ropa g 1 n w Engtan .....a Wittier wear C T. U. rooms for one week only. and parts adjacent in America." ............ Mr. Harry Dean and friend, Mr. In this record ofthe early May- --~ Wilbur.Cook, of Boston, spent sever hews, written by one of them~elves~ mmm ,~ nurli-ra Tk~, P_^IP P,,,,,~, ,. A+,,,kl. ,~,.A O,,,t~,h al days in town thls week. the only copy of the original I have /IIG L]UI/ L/CI~ IllUUUlJIE;I~U q.}t~Ut~ll 151I.'AI IUII- BIlE v Mr Seth Bradley spent Sundayat ever come across--I find many jewels II1 UflHlllLll/O. effects, the Vineyard of out' early Island history, which I , , Mr. Wm. Buckler returnod from will endeavor to reset, in order that ULSTERETTES in all lengths, 36 to 45 inches, in mix- F~! Riverand New'Bedford Monday. ~antYh~shol~ay:p?t haVyth.ea~ri~se - , .~ m , , ~Ul'S. dames A. Harding returned ~...,.... bot.,heo tures, cnevlo[a, ano pmln oeavers, f,.om a visit to New York last Monday. ""T e'firs[o'f"ti ese which I .ropose MeW ^nV MTneuES, NEW ASTRACHAN CAPES. MiV Carrie L uce .~pent peveral to re write is suggested by themany nIL IVI/"~LH~LII~I/UOI I days m New ~edzord last week. weeks of drought just passed, and is I|1 13tr'lF/'lfl l'~/'~/'~l"lfl 'tMa,~,,~ oh,~.,1,~,~ m~,ri~A~,t~eh~nA Miss Mae Nortou attended the mar- entitled: IIIE~ ~A/~ OIIUWlII Ill /ILI.UO U/ II(;LIILI r~ ~[ O i S IIIIIIULk'V I'iI|IIIU 8 J " ria.~e of : iss Mellon of Ed,artown "Jonathan AID, who wasadeacon Ill ]]IILOO tllll]l cams nt~u~ e}t,lae ;nnh~Jin~ ~f~ ;nPh and Mr. Walker of Boston of the Indian church, and a preacher ,,, ,.. .~vwv ov,~,~ ~,t,w otj,~o, ,,,~,,uu,~,~ vv-,.u,, ............. t thewordof God to the Indians " ........... rl"ne DaySlLIO Woltege Has ClOSe0 lOt w , , ., the season Uo wad a son oi Amos, a go~ly 3-toned Covert Cloths, tnped Boucles, 2-toned Crepons, - c a ne ui e ' Fn rli h Ph rk, ,^M:'s n OLlrLse%hs l i.gone toBoston ea annofr l ut't qh d al.wp6 0dYhd '- b""" '-'"""""~ "~" I "-~" ~u ==~ . ~ s .u ~ ,,Jut,,,,, i bet ~, first ................. sad Amos n, one of the III fill I/fl Pla;A T ff',*a q;IL, q tartar[ Bengal;no . pe nepalS., . gept ny Mrs. wilt- chiistian Indians of that place, and a IBI \il g~, .,.,u . ........... , v- ...... 5 " ~ .,Su~vu zorn, has closes lOt me season, member of the church whereof His- l I|OILIxtl Aa /rmdea larU Maria I:'ailla [:'ran Mr. HenrT Allen and wife, of Chil- comes was pastor. Being so good a ,v, ~,vo uv t.v,,u,vI ~,t~t,~ "'='"O ""'"'~"'""" mal k, havebeea the guests of Capt. man himself, he endeavored that his ~nica ~,~, t~,o Leander Owen. children might be so too, and one of .~o~, ~.~v,~ ~v, Mr and Mrs Arthur ~toada~d ,t them, if no more, proved such shone, ..... Illinois. are zuests at The Tasl n o " viz: this good deacon, Jonathan Amos. " Tiffs, our Jonathan, being so serious ALSO NEW LINES IN Mr;. Chas. Bt;eek, of Boston, ts a and godly a man, and one that ruled guest a~ xne xasuLuuu, well in his own house, the church to W CIo e [Novg On first page in premiums awarded for TDIM. Mrs tlamilton, ho occupied the .,.h;,.h lie belon-ed did choosehim g.F. av laud, Com. - .... . . w ~Cu ~ ~ .1 "Best L,)af of Unbolted Wheat Bread,' it should mill IIII Dagg~t.t houseqn Wllham street, has to the office of deacon CUL'I IVATED CROP~. reaa "Best Loaf of Wheat Bread;J =,,,o"'"", BLANKETS ANDrL"Hnr-lL-Ol~|aUall=|{~, ~nove.u house vacate~l ny air. Nor could they have made.chol.ce Oats. Best Half-Acreof Oats. [Continued next week.] William ~Wllt. of a fitter person. By thus usmg the Allen Look 1st prem $2 00 ........ -.,e~- .... Mr. O. E. Jenkins, general passen- office of a deacon welL, he purchased ~" "le- ' ~e"* "'-re t r+-'-'l'e" ifl~TIl Tllllllll ____tOe|____&me| &G. ,erantl ticket agent of the R H. & to himself, good degree not of C,,rus:~]i~cen~',. .... ls~'~rem '300 ........... O.r.RFR, a~iedn;~nf~:ate the guests of ~ln~fr:iiy~b~l:u!h!:h~~umw.ecn# ;i ~', B'estAcz'~:;Ri'~ ; g0ma i, and see our EI0gant Display , ,00 == Mr. Fredolph Carlson, wife and , " , Y ". '' ", . ",~'w...~. ~l'/,~+tl. 2s ,," 2"0n~, :, ", ......... " chil ]. left for a tri to Sw den n ooserving now pious and prudent a ,.r~.~ ,, .,~u~ ~'m ~ ~" , ,, -~mlr, n an(] ~ittleuex~ ,. p e o . . ~ ' Wednesday. to bo non0 severalman he was, soon thought him fit to a.i. l=tuucocg, ore. Mr. Alpheus Cha~e and wife are ........................................... months - - be employed in the more honorable Hay., Best Acre of Hay. visiting friends in Edgartown ~.. O ------ --- -- --__~~-- ---~-VN.~j~.N ~ ~-- " ,,, ,~,,,~ ,~,,,,~,'',.,,.,,- work of the Cos ~l ministry, and did H B. Davi~, lsL prom,, $400- , " Mr. Chase, the Episcopal mmlster ....... a:__l_ ^.u ~;m ,^ :, ~,~,..+ =.~ ~'. r xxr~o~ , ~ ,," ..f,, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Skiff; of Cm- ..... ~.n .+ +t,.~ n.,.~,;=+ .h,.~.~..u,-. a~u.u,u~,y ~=,. -,-. ~v ,~. .~...=~u~ ,~. ~. ,,w~, ~. o uvcinnatiO have been calli-~, ..-n O~| t,-~--~ ~,,v-o, ....~I.^A ....1., 6.ano;^..,l. ^'~ ne"es~ u n...;~ 3.] o ~ v., ..,. uu~ ,~ve-+,,~; " ut h len h ................ .......... sary occasmns, b e wasat gt I Gratmty--A. S. Triton, 50c .......... , t- a nest /1all .~.cle Ol flay , 185 & 187 UNION, AND 9 i~ 11 PURGHASE ST. Cap~. ~eanaer ~. uwen an(liamuy, called to nreach more constantl,~ atI ......... ~nt'. l~orenzo umaveiana, wno Has who havc occup!ed M ;Luc acot- the little i land of Chappequiddec, H B Davi , "" stpre Sa00 been a uest ?f tage all summer, leave ~nursaay Ice the ,,lace of his nativity r ~i r ,t~. G: ..~ ,, , ,~lanD, returned to ms nolneln umc~go t- . .. ~. vve~h ,~u ,~.ta~ t k NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Uoston. He was very observable for the gift A S Tilton, 3d " 1 00las wee . ~i-~i~~T~~~~i Mr Nathaniel Peakes has closed and spirit of prayer with which it H'B DaviS,v "' " 100 l~l's. Julia A. Co|t| is visiting his cottage for the season add re- pleased the Holy Spirit of God tel " " .T ~ Adams for~om frieuds in Providence, R, I. turned with his family to philadel- endue him. I think I have scarcely SummerSquashes"BestOne Ei th Rev. W. S. Packard visited places phia. ever heard any man in prayer plead Acre in the western part of Ihe State last Mr William Hot'ton went Monday with(}od with_ greater importunity,, ""n " " ......... week " v " " ~gyl'us Vl cenG 1st prem ~$3 uU ' to t,ke a new ostrich in Boston And these his fervent prayers a ailed ..... " , .......... ; " P L - ~s~erorooK, wno has neen a d s a ka le ,aDDages. Best One-Eighth Acts. much He ha ome zero rb ,, guest of her smter, Mrs W S Pack- Dt Houghton of the Marine Hos in 1 pital: who went'to New York on as- returns 9f them. I shall here men- Cyrus ce~,~o West,~t ptem. $3.00 ard, has returned to Middleboro. emains a ut the a~Yt~oeumtn,~e,anac~ ~uL;Ok, Com. b The fish pound b longing to Iessrs. on the island in particular, insomuch SAMPLES OF GRAIN the funeral services of Sir. Gilbert Black,.,,'-" Blue Cheviots ,,',r,+ Cleveland. Itenry Daggett that the corn and grass withered and ~oz'n " H. Rogers, who died suddenly last and Elijah Cleveland, was brokenmto dry'd un for want of rain The cattle ..... ~ " _ ..... Monday morning, took place at his by a shark, causing them the loss of suffered-for want of re.ass, and men wapt ~ ~anctet:s, ~ varleLms, ,v lat~ residence Wedn(stay fmen~on, " ~ seals, i soil IU cents Uylus vincent, FA MGY MIXTURE8iNND I: l: l: i: fiT _~ all lhelr ......... fislf, o-.~- ........ i were like to. wapt their, necessary 30 ce~ts., ~dward Hille~', 85 cents., A large, tree near the residence of .............. food. In this extremity there were ~l~.~ T..+ an ---+s. a.t,,.,, .~.1~. Mr. Bartlett Mayhew fell across the ffl:b/ /I~)DUiII, I days of fasting and prayer observed ~'~",~"~,~.'d~%,~ "~.'~.*"~,~'~-~=:'" road on Wednesday evening of last m. . -7- ..... i in many of our congregations, both ~::.,~' ~n'~,~';:.~' ~vi{i"i~:' t~,~.~"~'.~ week, thus preventing the passage of 8GOTGH L'lllmV/q~| lnereseernstoveaueciaeacnange[EnglishandIudian, to aeek for relief .t~;,~s't'",~"v~]'e~'~es 3~o teams until it was removed in the in the weather, from very warm to J in this case that did distress us; but ::=~:! ~ ~ ~.~,~'e'h ~ .... ~" ~5",o.',,o. morning. Several years ago a part of Cut in the same style, have the call now, . ......... God did not presently send us the n .,..aveland Isort 15cents. John the tree was struck byhghtnlng. rlenry ~. ~)avls ann cnnaren ann mercy for which we called unon him X'~.'~'~. '.. :',. , ' - ~- ~, , ........ t~e -. "- " Uottle, VailOtlOS, '~U cents; fit ~' ~gex. W. l~acKatcL expects to com- Asthey are becoming to men of all ages, M,ss S, lid Mayhew have returned to Ia this day of trouble tho Indian ....................... t .... t ".-u- il ~om-,~ a Y.o-d ._ L . a T .L ~lanoers,-~ varle~le.% ~u cents, r~aulan muuuu ~ ~vu a~ ut xu t ,u~[==~:~ -- ~'- ~=- . enurcu Lo WhiCh our gooo dead,nan - Mzs. D. Fat c d has returned belonged appomted a fast also, to And seem specially adapted to any trade, business or profession, r "r h,l Mayhew. 2 varzet,es. 2., cents; D Wm ....................... '-ore visitin- friends in Faila-av'm ........... Mayhew, 3 varieties 50 cents; Capt J t flCfl Over Thirty Years of t OflA . . ~ . . u ~ ask oI LnC l~or~l rain In a Llnl0 where- n , vel n 3 va ieti s 6 oMjss G?nev,eve,Vl.%%nt, daug.hter in it was so much ,'anted; and there ~'..2!eav ~.d[. , ~,,.r ;; e.,.,,O..~e~ts. |UUU Unparalleled Su ess /UO " having m the former pait of that d y ....... '. -~ .,,. v ,..~ .~ ~ PRICES RANGE FROM $8 TO $20. o,, a, ,' .neen,. ,s a,- . . a ............. . i s'h . son WhlLlng, 3 varieties, 60 c nts; tendm the H h c eel at Ed ar g g g- been asermon preached on Jer x,v, " IP ].]' A I1111Plr P ,, ..' Carl Slevert, 1 sort, 30 cents' Jerry to~n. 22, Are there any of the vanities of w ' " " ~ ~ ' ,, B Maybe , 3 varieties, o0 c nts, Evel We %~1::;~;:~1%17; ;::11:elihe/ot,t,var'ety a.d Miss Nellie Logau has returnedthe Gentiles that can cause,'ain, &c. e't a"'-"v .... ; .:=~ ,,._L.'v __,'" 1 m i e " Ve ~ - L .-xl~a ls, oval'leL.ze~,oUCeLt[,~; Datums from V n 3aid Ha n. Zho afternoon was spent wholly In w a~l.,,,s ,~ ..... ;oti~ oo.,o ~oo I/. H./1./HhAII/tl s I D.... ~ T m.--...]., has a~ce"L~'~ .......... mr... X..dian minis,or and , - : ........ , ........ , -., ,,,. ,u,. ~L'. ~L .~mV ~ ~ 1" =~ ~ P*"J~'. .~u~ .Lu I" man HallC'~k 3 VuI'[-t, io~ 4~ ~-Dts' situation as teacher in Chester, Pa. some principal brethren of the church u,~-t',~'W L~,,I~ 3 v':;:':y=' o-. ==.;L ' I;_ ! = Lm_ rt = _m, { ~.~ " " V S }LS *+'~" J .ffi~v,., ,vtl'lt~lU~, O.) t~ULIbS; Mrs Edmund Be .fie, ofottagem their se eral turn ( the custom ............ VglllgnlB HDnlonlO ~. " . . , ~:~ A &tnoarn i SOl'f, ~o cents; AltOn /LilUUlIJIU IlUlIlUUIUUI Cl{y, has beeHaguost at Dea. U.E lSlnourIndlanchurehes,)ea~hngup ,l~il~,n ~ .... ;~t:~a ~n.,,.~. ~,,.~, i.i;, 51a~ new s. on UOO ,or the IIIUt' I~ neeueu, auu m ,.__, __._. ...- . ,. .... the JLIILOI , vu.rleLleS, ,io Cell[S; oamuel Andrew H. Weeks IS tarrymg the rest j ) n ug ~rh m. mr. ....... ..... , ....... " US ~ J. JLIUILI~U*~UJLJ! & ~UI b, ~U G~LILD. awhile m Boston. Of those who thprayeu on tha! r, . Mt's, ,Edwin H. Newhall, aecompan- occasion the pious Jouathan, of whom uats. tea DY lWO sons and two daughters, I am speaking, was the last excepting Cyrus Vincent, 1 sort, 20 cents. 99"2-',oo % PURE T AC.C..IffiPT I/ IITATIO 5, TH[ PR@OTER & G&M~.I[ {;~)- O(N~rL ~= ,i , ..... . . ,. Illlli ---= ROARINB BROOK. guest of Mrs. Evaltna D. Tilton. Mr. John L Tilton went to Gay Head one day ~" last week. . Mr. Moses T. Norton went to Woods Hole Satur- Mr. James T. b[osher shipped a load of (!lay for ~lay to visit his sou. Mr. Braman u. ~orzou, dud Fisk, Holmes & CO. 1act Saturday. r~turned home Monday. s Mr. Abijah Hammett and son Abijah, add Mr. Mrs of New Hamp hire who Adeliue Foster ...... , ,, William C. Allen were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. eouain Mrs r~anunl l has been the guest of her + ' '"Fred. A. Mayhew recently Norton, left for her heine Monday. =__+. -..,~,..-,~ Mr end Mr Asa R Luee went to Pond View . . Peach lee Cream. cottage, Lagoon Heights, Sunday. ~'~ " " 1 " " " " Mrs. Elizabeth Walters, of Brooklyn. ~ho has Une quarl, O( cream, pm~ strained been visiting her sister, Mrs. Humphrey Hammett, ripe peaches, 1~ cups of sugar, almond left for her home Sunday. extract to taste Mix thoroughly, and Mis~ Tiley P Flanders has heen the guest of.e ~ . " ~" - "" =: ,- - .... ,.' " " Tisbur" ~reeze just as peach tee cream meets tars. Pheoe 1,. Ulevelttnu, at vce~ J. ~x -- " " " " " efres'i " "" M ......... hu Glfford and Ehner I gne cLeman~ Ice a ~ruly r n ng (lea- essr~, unarles wing, x~lt 1 I 1 . a , the uests of Mr cae Allen of Westport have been g " ' I y on a not day, so ctoes Ayer s ~ar- xvmi~m c. AUen. ' I saparrilta meet [he demand for a thor- t M.r.fl&~nee T= Moaher and family have moved to I oughly reliable blood-purifier, when nM:s?'tteat ~enems~a' i,n- her sister, M,, ] the system is worn out aud debilitated martha Tilton zs vim" g '" - r s w~ c M ..... ]by reasou of impure bloc& It cu e Zddie C.'LtI'c~, of No~rth ~fisbury, has been the J olhers, and will-cure you. door for a number of years, is in and the merits of His Son were most bloom , earnestly pleaded~ as the only ground Mrs. Andrew H. eeks is visiting and foundation on which we might her friends in East Thompson, Corm, build our hopes of obtaining an Fair Day for Fair. answer of peace to our r(quests. The last day of the Cattle ShowAnd in particular I remember ther, and Fair was fair and bright. There were in that praye_r such expressions were copious showers of rain tho day as these: "'O, Lord, we beseech thee that thou wouldst not delay over long before, and they c mtinued through togive us a gracious answer to OUl the night, but at suurise there were reouests. WeIndians arepoor, miser- some blue spots to be seen in the sky, able creatures, and our faith is ex and the clouds seemed to be moving rapidly. Ere noon day the clouds ceeding weak; if, therefore, thou ,.lisappeared and the full sun.light shouldst answer us, we should be apt to be stumbled and shown upon us, which favored the discouraged. We therefore entreat trial of family h,,rses that were ex-~a~ii~lY~e'~'"~ ~..............,,,~,,~,.~.~,l..,, dfi~:!n:~ hibited in the hall yard. In the after- noon the road horses were exhibited at the race course. There were more entiies for the exhibit of horses than brought a plen_tiful shower with it, asuaL and those that were oxhibited " ' e with which the iace of the earth was were creditable In Ihe show. l~h re were but few attractions beside usual very much refreshed, and peoo]e exhibits. We noticed our friend,coaid not get home from meeting be- fore 1hey received this mercy." Enoch Corns]l, ~ ho always has some ...... rhin~ to benefit m:,nki~,d. B~si,]es hi.- ~oap- and siSSOl'S ~ha psners, he had TIE G,PE SENATOR. ,amphsof woolen ehlths, whit'h at- .racted some att, ,l,i,m. M,.~. Emily ALL SIONS FAVO BLE TO MR. MORSE'S 0 Mayhew exhil,it, ,I Ihe "Scraeuse" svccEs~. .vasllitJ~ lnaehine and was W~l'y sue [.ql~ecial Dispatch to the Sta: dtrd ] ~c~sful in the sales ,~iile disposed 0 f Buzzard s B~Y, S p~. 2].-- rh a'e is t nulnber of~ the m: chines, and was quite a livoly fight in pc~g e~o e uuch pleased ~ith lh~ encouragement the Senatorial candidacy. Much to ,he received. We &d not have much ih, surprise of mauy, Mr. Morse, ol music duliug the tlay. as amusement the Vineyard, is making e n.ider~bl~ ~vas needed its the ev, ning for the ball. many inroads on the field of the Cap~ candidates. Mr. Morse has secured Che Fair passed off pleasautly and s fr ~" " peacefully. It is now a thing of the the delegation om ~'rovince~own, past; but we are hoping for a larger Sandwich, B arnstable, Bourne and attendence next year, and to make it Falmouth, and he expects to secure a success next year, its members other delegates who are unpledged. must begin now to lay plans for it- Morse is very.certain of earryiag the provement on the past ones. Vinoyard solid.. N antucket is pledged ; ~ : to Gardner of that town. " flfll/UAIllf The Cape candidates, C. A. Free- " ........ Ira an, of Ohatham and Joshua Cro ...... ..... ]well, have carried their owa towns, xrs. wynmm axter zs me guest oz I and Mr z.eemaa has secured the Mrs. T. C Niekerson. ] delegation*in some of the lower towns Mrs. H. K. Chadwick spent several ] on the Cape. t days last week with Mrs. Sarah The outlook today is very encourag- l Pease. ink to Mr. Morse, and unless all signs 1 Mr and Mrs Henry R. F]anders fail he will secure the nomination of the convention which will be held and son have been recent guesls of Capt. and Mrs, Stephen Flanders. new week at Buzzard's Bay. Mrs. B. T. Hillman has been visit /,aloe.--It .is reported that Mr. ing her niece, Mrs. J. F. Adam~. Morse already has 32 delegates pledged to him. Mrs. Pierce and son have returned =_ , to their home in Taunton. I The Atlantic Ocean whaling fleet Rev. C. S. Tburber has gone to/from Provincetown now number 10 Taunton for a two weeks' vacation. ! vessels, aggregate tonnage 975 Tho !total catch for the ten vessels this Mrs. Taurber and son a(o)mpanied L season has bees 1800 barrels sperm. hm. Henry ~y Look, 1 sample, 20 c~nts Ahnon S Tilton, 1 sample, 25 cents Summer Savory. CapL S Flanders, 1 sample, 10 cents; D A Cleaveland, 1 sample, l0 cents Hops. Nathan Mayhew, 1 sample, 10 cents; Henry W Look, 1 sample, ]5 cents; Mrs S M Mayhew, 1 sample 20 cents Dill. Miss E N Treadweil, 1 sample, 15 cents. Chammlirium. James H Ma~ hew, 1 sample, Devil% Bit, 15 cents Sunflowers. Johu Haft, 1 salnpl~, 25 cents~ gn ~o Lt~ at Laet Their Orl]? II / / w ning. ~ con~nt wail'~s up On the Pa~ifle tha~ese are ltl~parrowg in their are not lnf~lible, howe~as th0ir great- cst monopo~lft, the t~a ~de, haz been wrested f fom~h ~n.~ ~afi~ Ce~'lon, Java, and the hil| ~ l~d|a now euo. cessfully compete, with .'~h.~ Chlnese by g~ea that ts better il~me forms. This illustration ropresents a very attraclivo p~mket pin cusidon, which ~,e will send freo lo any one. Address REV. T. DE WlTT TALMA(3E, Who, after 20 years' pertoaal u~, writes a~ followS! 'fO TUE PEOPLE: i know by peragnal observation that DOCTOR H, A. Tt~cKglt*s recall'tins, popularly called "NO, 59~~ Is notent and amfe. It ought to beoutheahelfil vvery nursery and lu the sat~ ~et on every Journsy. Going from *horns I a,ways carry ~ome of It with me, and have a