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July 26, 2013     Vineyard Gazette
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July 26, 2013

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TWO-B VINEYARD GAZETTE, MARTHA'S VINEYARD, MASS. FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013 The Fishermen By MARK ALAN LOVEWELL There are many seasons that go with being a Vineyard angler. For one group, offshore fishing with a rod and reel is the pinnacle of summer. There is perhaps no greater sense of wonder than being 80 miles south of the Vineyard in a boat reeling in a giant tuna. As offshore fishing season begins, the stories, iPhone photographs and woe of the "fish that got away" will abound on the docks. Fish are bigger, the danger is greater, and the ocean, lest any boater forget, really is the ocean. There is no hid- ing when the weather goes bad, no tackle shop offshore where you can replace that broken reel. Cell phones don't work. When the sea is flat and a fin is mov- ing casually nearby, for many anglers it is almost a religious experience. And when the wind is blowing 30 knots and the seas have just turned into massive rolling hills, we all take up religion. Waves offshore are different. When the boat speeds through Nantucket Sound, down Muskeget Channel and into the open ocean, there is a huge shift in just about every aspect of boating. The timing between each passing wave is longer. The smell of the air is different, sweeter. And when land disappears from view there is a change inside every angler. There is a melody to the open ocean not heard inshore. Offshore fishermen go to great lengths to get to their special places. They go to the canyons, a term that refers to the edge of the continental shelf, at least 80 miles south of the Vineyard. Only three weeks ago, right whales were spotted in those waters. Humpback, finback and minke whales visit too. Along the continental shelf there are special spots on the chart that anglers often refer to -- The Dumping Ground, 30 miles south of the Vineyard, The Fin- gers, 25 miles south, and the Canyons, 80 miles south. The Dumping Ground is an old site where munitions and debris were dropped years ago. The Fingers is a place which describes the character of the bottom that can't be seen from the surface, but can be understood through the use of maps and sonar. Every offshore angler has his favorite places. They call them "waymarks." The marks on the chart show important sites where a fish had been caught on a previ- ous voyage. In this age of sonar, GPS and what was once Loran, anglers can make precise notes of where they catch their fish. Fishermen read the water tempera- rare of the ocean as if they were members of a strange cult. Variations in water tem- perature define fishing places the same way landmarks define inshore favorite spots. Wherever cold water and warm water form an eddy or stream, anglers want to know about it. The bait usually % Fresh & Saltwater Aquarium Fish, Pond Fish & Plants, Reptiles • = Birds, Small Animals ~ ...and all the supplies to keep ~a~ them happy & well cared for. Saturday, July 27 TIME AND TIDE Sunday, July 28 Monday, July 29 Tuesday, July 30 Wednesday, July 31 Thursday, August 1 Friday, August 2 High Water Low Water High Water Low Water a.m.p.m.a.m.p.m, a.m.p.m.a.m.p.m. High Water Low WaterHigh Water Low Water High Water Low WaterHigh Water Low Water High Water Low Water a.rn. p.m.a.m.p.m, a.m.p.m.a.m.p.m, a.m p.m.a.m.p.m, a.m.p.m.a.m.p.m, a.m.p.m.a.m.p.m. Cape Pogue ................................... 3:56 4:27 9:25 9:53 4:50 5:18 10:16 10:48 5:456:11 11:08 11:45 6:42 7:05 -:- 12:01 7:408:01 12:44 12:568:39 8:551:43 1:51 9:359:482:402:45 EdgartowB ..................................... 4:07 4:38 9:39 10:07 5:01 5:29 10:30 11:02 5:566:22 11:22 11:59 6:53 7:16 --:-- 12:15 7:518:12 12:58 1:10 8:50 9:061:57 2:05 9:469:592:542:59 OakBluff$ ...................................... 3:42 4:13 9:09 9:37 4:36 5:0410:0010:32 5:3t5:57 10:52 11:29 6:28 6:51 11:45--:-- 7:267:4712:2812:40 8:25 8:411:27 1:35 9:219:342:242:29 EaMChop .................................... ;. 3:394:10 9:09 9:37 4:33 5:01 10:00 10:32 5:285:54 10:52 11:29 6:25 6:48 11:45--:- 7:237:4412:2812:40 8:22 8:381:27 1:35 9:189:312:242:29 Vlneyard Haven ............................. 3:37 4:08 9:22 9:50 4:31 4:5910:1310:45 5:265:52 11:05 11:42 6:23 6:46 11:58--:-- 7:217:42 12:41 12:538:20 8:361:40 1:48 9:169:292:372:42 WlmtChop ..................................... 3:28 3:59 8:52 9:20 4:22 4:50 9:4310:15 5:175:43 10:35 11:12 6:14 6:37 11:28--:-- 7:127:3312:11 12:23 8:11 8:27 1:101:18 9.079:202:07 2:12 OffLakoTashmoo ........................ 12:57 1:25 7:30 8:071:49 2:18 8:119:07 2:413:118:55 10:43 3:34 4:069:47 --:- 4:295:04 10:46 -:- 5:28 6:05 11:47 --:-- 6:267:001:41 12:42 Cedar Tree Neck ........................... --:- 12:27 6:51 7:2812:511:20 7:328:28 1:432:138:16 10:04 2:36 3:089:08 11:29 3:314:06 10:07 -:- 4:30 5:07 i1:08 -:-- 5:286:021:02 12:03 MenemahaBIght ........................... --:--12:19 5:56 6:3312:431:12 6:377:33 1:352:057:21 9:09 2:28 3:008:13 10:34 3:233:58 9:12 11:26 4:22 4:5910:13--:-- 5:205:5411:08--:- GayHead ....................................... --:--12:11 6:04 6:4112:351:04 6:457:41 1:271:577:29 9:17 2:20 2:528:21 10:42 3:153:50 9:20 11:34 4:14 4:51 10:21 --:-- 5:125:4611:16--:-- Squlbnocket Point ........................ 11:32 Off Chllmark Pond ......................... :- Off Job's Neck Pond ..................... :-- Waaque Point ................................ 1:51 11:56 5:17 5:54 --:-- 12:25 5:58 6:54 12:481:186:428:30 1:41 2:137:34 9:55 2:363:118:3310:47 3:35 4:12 9:3411:28 4:335:07 10:29--:-- 12:01 5:23 6:00 12:25 12:54 6:04 7:00 1:17 1:476:488:36 2:10 2:427"40 10:01 3:053:408:39 10:53 4:04 4:41 9:4011:34 5:025:36 10:35--:-- 12:18 5:41 6:18 12:42 1:11 6:227:18 1:34 2:047:068:54 2:27 2:597:58 10:19 3:223:578:57 11:11 4:21 4:58 9:5811:52 5:195:53 10:53 --:-- 2:19 8:39 9:16 2:43 3:12 9:2010:16 3:354:05 10:04 11:52 4:28 5:00 10:56--:-- 5:235:58 11:55--:-- 6:22 6:59 2:0912:56 7:207:54 2:50 1:51 Begin Begin SLACK WATER Ebb Flood Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Begin Ebb Flood Ebb Flood Ebb Flood Ebb Flood Ebb Flood Ebb Flood WasquePolnt(2mi. SW) ............. 5:396:01 11:32--:-- 6:44 7:0312:0512:38 7:508:061:101:47 8:55 9:072:162:54 9:55 10:05 3:18 3:56 10:50 10:59 4:17 4:52 11:41 11:50 5:105:43 I'llN:lgeFenoeGong99 .................. 7:047:2812:2212:50 8:09 8:28 1:231:56 9:159:312:283:05 10:2010:32 3:344:12 11:20 11:30 4:36 5:14-:- 12:15 5:356:10 12:24 1:066:287:01 EutChop(lmI. N) ....................... 6:497:11 12:1412:42 7:54 8:13 1:151:48 9:009:162:202:57 10:0510:17 3:264:04 "11:05 11:15 4:28 5:06 --:-- 12:00 5:276:02 12:09 12:51 6:206:53 Norton Polnt(.Smi, N).................. 6:196:41 11:57 :. 7:24 7:4312:301:03 8:308:461:352:12 9:35 9:472:413:19 10:35 10:45 3:43 4:2111:30 11:39 4:425:17 : 12:21 5:356:08 GayHead(1.SmI. NW) ................. 5:546:1611:32--:-- 6:59 7:1812:0512:38 8:058:211:101:47 9:10 9:222:162:54 10:1010:20 3:18 3:56 11:05 11:14 4:174:52 11:56 --:-- 5:105:43 Source: National Ocean Survey and "tidal Current Tables swims along the edges. Many anglers will refer to satellite renderings of water temperature to plot out their specific trip. Then there are the gamefish. Anglers seek yellowfin tuna and, the most pre- ferred, big eye tuna. They go for white marlin. And in more recent years, with the restoration of the fishery, they go for swordfish. They are also looking for tropical fish like wahoo and blue marlin. Near the surface their skin can be iridescent, lustrous. A living ocean fish is a sight. "The coolest is when they break on top of the water. You see their eye. You feel this connection," said Doug Abdel- hour, 36, of Oak Bluffs. Mr. Abdelnour works hard during the summer running Nancy's Snack Bar. But when he's not working, he is offshore fishing. "[Offshore fishing] is without ques- tion one of the most relaxing moments in summer for me. There is a total disconnect with the land. The phone isn't ringing. There is no cell service," Mr. Abdelnonr said. He plans on going offshore fishing next week in a friend's boat. Mr. Abdelnour normally goes off- shore in his 21-foot 1964 Sea Craft, a boat he has had for three years that he has yet to name. Lee Welch, 67, an electrical general contractor, lives and breathes fishing offshore. Though he works hard when it SAIL MAGI C * CARPET "a classic 56 wooden yawl ~ * is time to relax, he goes offshore in his 38-foot custom fishing boat, Live Wire. Mr. Welch said he will start next week. "Fishing is from mid-July into September. But up until now, it has been too windy. You don't want to go out fishing when the wind is blowing 15 to 20 knots because it can shift to 20 to 30 knots." "When I go, it is usually for two days, sometimes three," he added. "You want the sunrise and the sunsets, those are the two best times when the fish are most active." Mr. Welch has a loyal fish- ing crew: Kenny Abbott, Scott Hitch- ings and Cliff Meehan. The name for Robby Coad's fishing boat reflects the spirit he has for an- gling. The 34-foot lobsterboat is called Tenacious. He is a charter fisherman out of Edgartown. He plans on fishing offshore next week. "I would have gone sooner, but I have a lot of inshore charters," he said. "Inshore fishing is inshore fishing, but offshore fishing is different," he added. "The fish are bigger. They are prettier. It is much more challenging. It puts all your skills into being a captain, into being a fisherman, all at the same time. Fishing for false albacore inshore is hard. But it is five times harder fishing for tuna when you are 50 to 60 miles offshore." Mr. Coad, 64, said it is hard making money on these trips. It is mostly for the joy. The boat can go through 400 gallons of fuel in a day, he said. On July 14, Buddy Vanderhoop of Aquinnah found time to go offshore fishing as a guest with a friend. "It is really fun. I cherish every moment," Mr. Vanderhoop said. Mr. Vanderhoop is an Aquinnah char- ter fisherman working out of Menem- sha. He said there is great pleasure in see!up lots of humpback whales, as he sa'~, in the last trip. He also saw sea :~ ~!~~, turtles and bottleneck dolphins moving gracefully through the water and a blue marlin breaching. With the warm weather of the last Lee Welch and Robby few weeks, the offshore waters are alive novv: "Offshore is really hot right now," Mr. Vanderhoop said. "The bait is out there." . Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby Hall of Fame Nouficauons The public is invited to submit nominations to the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby Committee for inductees into the 2013 Derby Hall of Fame. Please contact Maryanne Jerome at 508-627-85 I0 for a nomination packet. 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More than 50 sailboats leave Edgartown harbor to participate in the Round the Island Race. Spinnakers are unfurled at the start of the race. Holy Ghost As- sociation's feast is a big success under partly sunny skies, not as warm as in past days. Oak Bluffs harbor is full, with participants in the hark tournament. Sunday, July 21: Skies darken after a brief start to the morning. Thunder. Heavy rainshower. Oak Bluffs roads are flooded by the deluge. A drum roll on Vineyard avenue. Fire truck sirens fill the town. Rain again just before noon. A significantly cooler evening. Tempera- ture drops to the mid-6Os. Monday, July 22: A partly cloudy morning. A day for hedge clipping in Edgartown under clear skies. A tractor moves slowly, picking up bales of ha}; off the Edgartown West Tisbury Road. Hazy horizon south of the Vineyard. Tuesday, July 23: A hot sunny day. Temperature rises to the 80s. Hazy sun- shine at South Beach. Bicycle accident at Katama under clear skies and light breeze. A southwest wind. Wednesday, July 24: A still morning in Edgartown harbor. A gentle westerly breeze barely lifts the flag above Memo- rial Wharf. Winds are variable in late morning. Deep blue sky overhead. Thursday, July 25: The forecast is for increasing clouds with a chance of rain in the afternoon. Mild temperature. M.A.L. The Martha's Vineyard Hospital board of trustees & staff cannot thank everyone enough for the success of the 27ta Annual Golf Tournament. Kudos to all the players who maintained such a grleat sense of humor during record high heat! Special thanks to Farm Neck Golf Club's board of directors for their. commitment and dedication to our Vineyard community. To the Farm Neck Caf and Pro Shop staff- working with all of you is a pleasure. Many thanks to Columbia Construction Company for sponsoring this year's special guest, Dan Boever. To our local business community, we were honored to be so generously supported by you this year! 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