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July 15, 1915     Vineyard Gazette
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July 15, 1915

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THE VINEYARD GAZETTE, THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1915. P*GE 4. The Vineyard Gazette. Main St., Edgartown. EDGART0WN, MASS., Juiy 15i 1915. C. H. MARCHANT, Pubhsher. TWO STORES "Th0 Smoke Shop" ,_,.o._, thursday afternoon, devoted tO tht local interests of the town~ In Dukes County, ahJ unquestlon. ably the best advertising medium whereby to r~ach the whc:e resident population of said CI6ARS AND TOBACCO, 0-o,, Smokers' Articles. "he Largest and Finest Line Ever Seen in Edgartown. FINE CONFECTIOI ERY Marriages and deaths inserted free; but all add(. ons to the ordinary announcements, 5 centsper. Inc. Cards of Thanks and of publtcacknowledgment cserted at the uniform price of 50o. each Rate6 for advertisements given on application. Business Notices, 10 cents ver line each insertion, Orders for all kinds of Print:at will receive prompt attention, and be neatly executeo, ---AND -- "If you Buy it at Mendence's, It is the BEST." REMOVAL Dr E. W. HUCKINS, Dentist. WOW ()(~CUPYI~(; NE V OFF[CE IN Please give date of last meeting of The Hague convention and what coun- tries werv represented. How often hae this convention met? Give location of The Hague. The lie/us is tt beautiful city of al)~mt ")i~,~i;t~ inh:/l)il:lnts, situ:lled two miles frol21 the North sea, ill 8Olltll i[oll'llid. The so called Ila%ue ('o::vc::- th)n or flgrot,nlollts da|c from l'~)i). lvhell I1 ('o/tfc|'(!Hce of the polvcrs was IleAl there to deal with certain liter- rides thin no "~,at,'sllip will have tile right to exer(.i~e the law of .~o:ll'(yh oil a commercial ship ill transit through the ean.ll. ;tntl tlle l)rovlsio,l likewise protects ail ships within thl'~ niarine miles of either terminal. Ships carIT- lllg" contl'aballd eitlibr ill tile Aiialltic or Pacific do so lit their own risk, but warships may not remain in the three mile zone longer than twenty-four hours, aIld tile treaty stipulates (hat "'ti vessel of oae l)elliaerent shall J~ot de- part within twenty-four hours from the departure of a vessel of war of the oth- er belligerent." What is the equal of 42 centimeters in American inches? In equivalent common use a centi- meter Is .3937 of an inch. Therefore forty-two centimeters is forty-two times that much, or 1(;.5354 inches. Was there ever a period of commer- cial nonintercourse between the United States and the European countries now at war? In regard to two of them, yes. In consequence of the interference with American commerce hy British and French ships while those countries were at war congress ia 1S07 passed an embargo act. prohibithlg foreign eomnlerce of any kind. This was Lu force two years, when it was rel)laced by qn act forbiddin~ British or French ships to enter American l)orts and also forbidding tile importa tion of m|y goods grown or manufactured iil eiiher ot tile coulttries or ally of llfeir colonies. This I:IW was fll force two yeill's. ters of iuto.'umti.nal interest. This OVER DR. WALKER'S DRUG STORE ,o:,f.,,,,,, ,,.. .t Water SWeet, E/ trt0wa. of Nichohls Zl.. cz:u' of l:tlsMa, al|d What admira] of the United States l~rav(h-ally all civilized z,mtious were I:fourS: 10t;O 12; 2 tO 4 o'eloek,~| navy was it who had himself lashed to ~sturdavs. 10 a. m. to 12 m. rel)re.~ezited. At thL-~ c0tiferenre a pet'. the mast of his vtmsel during a battle? lnilllent coHrt of arl)itration was ('re-Where was it? "------~01~[-~tH'[L,~,~--'g-~-':z-7-;L~ at,,l, all (," the c(,untries being ,'epre: It ,,'as Admiral Farragut, and the in- .......... C/~.m. Db~/HA-~f~-- ,,~euted. The court Ii',ls its seat at The cldent hapl)enedin the battle of Mobile Ita:.tlte and de,'ides international con- Bay, Aug. 5, 1S64. ATTORNEY ANO COUNSELLOR AT LAW, troversies brought before it. Forty-- ~ * ZD~ABTOWN, MASB. two cot:ntrie:q ~U'c vel)resentetl ill tile HOW is the ,'ante gauged for drop- co,at * s,, ,o,ld c ,,lfe, el,,:e was held ping air ,aft bomb,? at The IIa=ue ill 1!)o7, co]is(sting of The mllthematlcs of aerial bombard- ATTORNEY AND COUHSELLOR AT LAW, 23~.1 (leleg:ltcs representing forty-six ha- ment are sulnmed up by tin expert In EO0~ARrOWN, MASS. tions. A |hird conference was ,to l,e tile l,ondon Field: It has been calcu- -------EVERETT-A-LL-EN--D~AV--~,-, hehl duril.~/ this year. The court of laird, and i)roved by trials to be pret- arbitl'alio|L ;is its lmme indicates, is ty Correct in practice, that a spherical ABNER L. BRALBY, permanent. Its menibers are appoint- bomb of 15 centimeters (close on 6 ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS ATLAW, f,,, yea, inches, o,. exactl.v incllcs) dtam eter, vteighlng 10 kih)grams (22 l)ound~), EDGART0WN OAK BLUFFS In what re~pect did the Confederate dropi/ed from an aerophme traveling at VINEYARD HAVEN con~itution of the civil war period dif- the speed of 108 kilometers (67 miles) il0 State Street, - - - BOSTON. i.H. LAZARUS, D. M. D, DE TTIST t60 Circuit Ave., -. OAK BLUFFS. Hours: 9-12 A.~. a~d 2-5 P.M. Da~|y. Telephone 187-3. BUSINESS CARDS, WIL~IA-M- C. BROOKS, anoTuning and Repairing, Careful attentt,)a given to Vine)ard orders. Home Address: 7 Waldorf st., Dorchester, Mass. WILLIAM G. MANTER, ,ARC I[CI AND BUILD[R, VINEYARD HA VEN, MASS. fer maLerially from the constitution of the Uni~od S~ates? It l'OCO,trllizod tile so','creign lind in- dcpeltdcllt clmraeter of the states, thereby establishing the doctrine of state rights. It lu'actieally established slavery In :ill new territories, and it ~drohibited l)roievtivo tariffs. Tile pres- eut was e coted for six years and -was ineligible for re-election. Will you please tell me which coun- try has the biggest battleships and which country has the biggest guns? Great Ih'itain's biggest battleship has a disl)lacement of 2,%000 tons; Germa- lly's, tile s:mle; ,lal)all, 31,000; France. "24,$30; ltal/, 2S,000; Russia, 32,21)0; Unilod Star( ~, 31,4(10. Great Brilain and Germany both have fifteen iuch guns. Japan's big- gest mlval gun is a fourteen inch. I,'rance's biggest gun is a 13.4 inch. The biggest guns ill the United States navy are fourteen inch guns. an hour from au altitude of 2,000 me- ters (6,560 feet), will reach the ground at a distance of 475 meters (1,558 feet 5 inches) from the spot over which it was freed frem the machine. The du- ration of the fall being 23 seconds and tile horizontal motion of the aeroplane being 108 kilometers (67 miles) an hour or 30 meters (98 feet 5 inches) a sec- ond. the flying machine wlll at the mo- ment the projectile touclles the earth have t.raveled IN0 meters (2,263 feet), or, in other words, it will flud itself 215 meters (705 feet 3 inches) ahead of the bomb. Please advise me which is correct of these two words in the following sen- tence: "Tho flag at half mast," or "The flag at half staff." "Ilalf mast" is perfectly correct. So is "half staff," for that matter, but it is far less common. The United States army regulations use both terms. In what battle did United States We are prepared to make Plans, Specifics- gtons, Blue Prints, Detail Drawings, give csti- llntoa and bu;Id in either WOOD or RE-EN ~ROED CONCRErE CONSTRUCrlON. Summer tlouaes a SpeleRy. 4}~iee, Lu~em~r B dR, - VINaYARn HAVEN. ~el. 59, -~ What proportion of big guns do ourtroops capture a soldier's wooden leg? ~J~]~J. WVs ~?~ In the fleet ill the Hndson river pa- fought in the Mexican war, April 18, Contra~lor ~nd Bmld r rade there wasa tot.ql"0f t,'~t,'~,fl~- 18,7. That was a hard fougllt battle, teen-inch, t06 twelve-inch, fifty-six and, although the Americans captured elghtdnch thirty-six five-inch, forty- forty-tht~e cannon and accouterments SHOP ON 0RTff SUM [I STREET, ' eighl Mxin(.h, l~l five-inch, twenty- enough to suPlfly an army, the wooden ED~TOWN, MASS. four four-inch and 238 three-Arch guns. leg was no cotttemptible trophy, for it ................ showed the c,)ml)leteness of their vh:- ~ttmates furnished On all kinds of work. Please state to what use barbed wire tory. It belonged to General Santa ~V'Oorresp~udenoe Solicited. [U B(i~i'ii'WUi"i: M-- A~--~V~K .placed inwarfar~. Anna, comma,lder of the ,~Iexieans, Greene & Wood, Barbed wire Is today as necessary a who barely escaped with his life by pqrt of all army's equipment as pen- (.ntthlg loose one of the mules which teens or trenching tools, drew his carriage and nlounting its The barbed wire used for military I)ack. leaving behind his l)rivate pa- Whtdows. Doors. Glass New Bedford, Mass. FRANCIS PENT & SON, Licensed Ul~lertakers for Edgartow~: ~tantly on hand a fine assortment of 0a~teb s and Robes. Plates furnished and engraver t notice. Undertaksr's service in ~I It, brat~obes. Full Glass H~arse. EMBALMING 11' hen(desired, dons by a compeL0nt person" Th, Uud~rtaker Is ready day or night to attend to hi ~tiu. A ~lght-Beli at the front entrance of hi gmldenee will be answered promptly. Residence: - - Maple St., Edgartowt FRANK W, KIMBALL &SON, Painters and Paper Hanger., lVafl Paper a Specialty. ~lnest Lines from New York and Boston Km~s.~, purl/oses possesses long, jagged joints, l)et~, his money chest and his wooden which inflict most painful wounAs on the body, especlally when men horses fall on them headlong, as so often happens. Will the warships of other nations at war be allowed to paas through the Panama canal ? It is l)rovided 1)y treatJes that the ca- nal shall remain absolutely neutral. It "shall be free and open to the vessels Of colnlller~c and XVllr 0f all nations and shall never be blockaded nor shall any right of war be exet~:ised nor auy act of hostility be committed within it." Strict rules of neutrality have been de- vised for the passage of war vessels of tile nations cngag~l in confliet. The warshil)s will be coml~elled to L)ass through wllh the least possible delay and with ollly snch intemnissions as may result from the necessities of the service. No belligerent may "emlmrk or disembark troops, nluI~Jtions of war or warlike Inaterials iu the canal ex- ('opt ill I lie (:a:~(~ of ac('idel~tal hin- drance of the transit, aud in sllch ease the tr'lllsit shall bc resumed with all l),)ssil)le dislmtch." The treaty pro- What American said, "1 am for the United States, right or wrong?" At a bai~(lnet given at Norfl)lk, Va., ill April, 1S16, Comntottoz~e Stephen De- ratur gave a toast: "Out" country[ In her intorco~u'se wiLh foreign nations may she always be in the right; but 0ur country, right or wrong." He had dlstln~,mished himself in the war ;~itll Tril)t,li in INI4 alld ill the war of 1812, eal)turil~g the British frlg- ate Macedonian, and had received a sword lind a geM lln~dal fronl congress. (1) Give names of all the countriee tngaged in the present European war. (2) Against what countries has each decllred war? (1) Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Montenegro, Franoe, Sere'(a, Belgium and Italy are fighting against Ger- many. Anstria-Hungary and Turkey. (2~ By fornml declaration or acts con- stated as a declaration each country in one group has deelared war against all the countries in the other group. ~lrst-clase Work Guaranteed. &~a-s of tl~ patroua~e res~oectfully solicited t~,lcs:~Plsrco Avsmte, EDGARTOWN. ' Tetelhane 244-15. t lllot/ laybew. DKALER IN C a tle, C ; IL IARK. NIASB. Johnson, Sharp & Co. SUCCEEDING LUCE & MANNIN6 b SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN VINEYARD CONSIGNMENTS 232 mef REFER TO FOLLOWING SHIPPERS OF LAST YEAR: G. 6. HAMMOND, Chihnark. HENRI:" H. ALLEN, Chilmark. SAMUEL THOMPSON, West Tisbury. El OPE One c ~rtha' Open p: Water i~ --OF-- NEW BEDFORD, FAIRHAVEN AND FALHOUTH The places to get the best of everything; you not only get what you want in valuable goods, but the prices are lowest and service the best. The variety, carried is the greatest of any Drug Stores in New England. Mail Your Orders: you get just as careful and prompt service as though you were shopping in person. FILMS DEVELOPED AND MAILED IN A DAY. The my C Whar: senge ticulm The a~ part me: Try a l Oe ~adbaee Your deaIer has it. Old Mill Coffee ts Coffee F.xcellence. (2314) from ~Wal2~ Ohio, Sent p Don The Largest Stock in New Bedford. 586 Pleasant Street. NEW BEDFORD. NOR 0N, JH., ic ,l Worl N ALL ITS BRANCHES. Houses and Business Places Wired Promptly on order at the most reasonable price. Agent for the Bryan-Marsh Ineandoseem Lamps. FIXTURES of a,1 kinds furnishod At low~ posHblc prices. I~'-0atalogue* shown on appnoaUon REPAIRING of every description. A Trial Order Solicited. Frank Norton, J r. $ohool Street, EDGARTOWlI, MASS. Telephone 6-31. J. E. G. CURRIER, Qredsate of Massachusetts College of Embalmlsg, Also Orsduste et New York College of Embalmlsg. Embalmer and Funeral Director Theundersignedis fully equipped to care re; bodies and direct funeralsin all details. Cukct~ and Robes, and Plates furnished and engraved at short notice.. A fine glass hearse for use at funer sis. Calls answered promptly dayorntght. Lad) attendant when desf~ed. I carr.y a ful'. line of Caskets and Robes whio~ 0au be seen at my 8how Roo,u~,upper Main etreel JOSEPH E. G. CURRI]$R, Sonth Summer 8treat. 8outhern Massachusetts Telephone,t3-, g~gartownt July 1, 1904~ t Sheet Ir0n and Tin Worker, Steam, Has Fitting and Plumbing. II i[ln,t~ of Repairing dons on gtoves, Furnaeslt ,o, Linings furnished for an makes of Stoves at ~west Prices. Tin and Sheet Iron work and all kinds of Job- ,tag promptly attended to. Special Agent for all makes of Magee RanR~ ,ad ~toves. To A~X. az~D o~ Pz~a connected with the new ystem of Water Works we are prepared to give ,I~r ~al~cial attention, aLaPHONe OONn~O~IONo ,~siden and Shop: School Street EDGARTOWN, MASS. lgO m ~ou thi quick i ~ature'e the root system been d, i ~3 yem dru LYMhN RA Oak for Fire-places, Kindlings, Water for Steamers, H BR quanl I1~'o~ Sf, pr GASOLINE a ANI OTIIER Texaco Products ~,o.r FOR SALE BY ~ to A. K. SILVA, At Chadwick's Wharf. Edgartown. NEW BEDFORD &TEAH DYE HOU.~E OFFICE: 53 WILLIAM STREET. 'Dry Cleaning a Specialty, IV. E. SMITH, - - Proprietor. "~ Telephone Connect'on. Ngw BEDFORD. P RKER'S "-] ~ll~ti~__ MAIR BALSAM I ~m~_PyomotN a luxm4aat growth. I ~k~evee Fana to ~est~a,e ~1~*~=~ ~rsa~ to its ~ou~l ~,'| mlt~]~]~--,,~Prcwent~ hair falling:/ liEST I Telep SA~ I~orth W Any o] elm Ha ~111 alw~ #leas~ h: