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March 18, 1915     Vineyard Gazette
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March 18, 1915

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I .'. . ++ lMand Of Martha's Vi~teyard, seven miles off Southeast Ooast of Maoeaehu~ett*. Winter population, ~g$O0; in S~'mmt~, 20,000. Twenty miles from city of New Bed- terd. 80 miles from Boston, 150 miles to New York Devoted to the Interests of the 8ix Team8 on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. vi: : Edgartown, Oak Blurs, Tisbury (Vineyard Haven), West Tisbury, Ohilmark, and Gav Head. The Vineyardi#2Omileslong, 6wide. I Vol. 70. No. 7. Established 18t6. Edgartown, Mass., March 18, 1915 $1.50 Per Year Single Copies 5 Cellts Members of the Dry Goods Alliance New York City. Q UNION A/FD PURCHA,$'E SF3'. I WEW 8ED,='O. D Pl I f" I I 9 ,,Today the Curtain will be drawn aside, showing the entire 5 floors of the 'E want everybody to come and go through the store and get acquainted with the new locations of all departments. We call your special attention to the new Furniture Department which will be the newest and best in New England States and our greatest pride This department will occupy half of our m third floor and the entire fourth floor Only furniture of quality will be found in our furniture store. We also wish to call your attention to the new Wallpaper Department which is located on the third floor; all the latest creations and designs are shown in department; it is supervised by an expert wallpaper man. See the new Stationery Department located on the main floor ; every conceivable brand of stationery and fancy cards, at popular prices, will be. featured in this department. Now we will journey to the basement and see the new enlarged Kitchen Furnishing Department You will be amazeO at the wonderful assortment of Chinaware, Cut Glass, Silverware Kitchenware, Etc., the largest and best stock in New Bedford The Pattern Department is located on the First Floor. Hall Borchert Dress Forms will be specially featured in this de- partment ; ask to see them. We wish to apologize to you all, for the tossed condi- tion of our store during our efforts in complying with the street widening bill, also in the task of making our store larger and better. Everything is finished now and ready for the opening. A stroll through this store Thursday, Friday or Saturday will convince you that everything is new but the name ., of Edgartown, Mass., DEPOglT8 AND DIgGOUNT8 80LIGITED. ~l mains in It until he has compla-t~l !~ Illlrty ninth year. Finally all soldiers I~'1~"1~_% ,are] passed into the landstur~ in the first ban of which they remain nnUl the completion of their forty-fifth year. The second ball consists of u~tralned men between the ages of thirtynine and forty five. Young men who reach II Cel't;lill standard ot cducat']on, how- ever, are unly obliged to serve one year h~ II]e active army. When was "Uncle Tom's Cabin" written and first put on the market? It was written In 1S51-2. was pub- lished as a serial Ill a weekly news- lrll~r at Wtlsilington willie being w~t- ten. running from June 5. 17,51, to &[~'tl 1, 1852, and noon afterward was brought out in book form. ~Nas any part of present Prussia ever = part of Poland when Poland was a separate empire? Yes. The llrst partition o~+Poland la 1772 between Russ|a, Prussia and Aus- tria gave to Prussia as her share of booty the maritime palatinate minus Danzig, the palatinate of Kulm minus q_'born. Great Poland as far as the ~litza and the lmhltinatem of M'trlen burg and l,'.l'luenl;lll(I. 1;29 square miles, with a pululhltiOll of ~'~8,000 and aa annual revenue tit 5"14,000 th~lers. In 1793 I'russht took :llSO 'l'lloru, Danzig. Dobryn, Kujavla and mostly the whole of Great Poland. in 1796 Prussia took Podlaehla and the rest of Masovia. with Warsaw. How many national banke have been organized from the beginning of the system ano how many have failed and how many are now in existence? 8iilce tile ,irgall|ZalhJn of the nation. al banklltg systelit In INlk~ rhal'tei~ for 10.751 niltit,lllll llanl;.s have been Is- sued. Of tiJis uumlwr 2,513 Itave been voluntaril.*. ,hl, ldatt'd and 519 failed and were pl;t~'*il el, t.lnu'ge Ot recoivers. On Jllne 3tl. li*]i Itlere were 7,539 na- tioIIlll I);;tik~ :~, ,,i,t,r;ition. liaVllag an authorlz,,0 ,~1 it...t $1,074,239,175 and total circnlalhln ot $750.671,899. In what year did gold droP to par after the civil war rise, snd what was the highest point reached? In 1S7~ got0 tell to par in tt~e I'Jnltocl States tot tile til.~t tittle slit)sequent to 1861 Hbzlle.~t I,oint. 2~5. reached Jul~ 11, 18t;4. w!k~-n the Uonfederat~es were at tll~ gates ot Wasldngtoa. ships and supply ships, $1.20 It net-ton, the vessels to be measured by the same rnles as ape employed in determining net ton_n.gee o vecsel= Which has the g/prater area and popultttion, Great Briiain ,or Germany? 'Pile term. Great Britain ineludtal only England.- 8eotbmd and Wales; tile term UnlttM Kingdoul InchldeS Great Brit- ain and l,'ehmd, while British empire ',lielndes all British I)osseaslons through- out tile world, in Europe. Asht, Africa, Anlerica and tile ishlnds of the seas. In this l)road sense tile British empire been files allout ont2~qua rter of the known surface of tile globe, and Its iioptJlatlon exceeds onequarter of the estiln:lted ntlnlller ot tile llllHllln race Its area Is estlnlated ill 13.152,7114 S(luare [nih.s 'lind its total population at 4345~i.(k50. its area lies nearly equally In the nortllern sn(l tit,.+ south ern hends[lliort.s lind abollt twice as IllllCll In tilL' otl.~tern ;It# in tile wpstorn henii~Idmre Its estimated white pop. ilhltion is (10,()00,0110, and tile remaining "-~70.000.01Kt lnclnde 325,000,~)0 ot the native races of India. 40.000.000 of black races, Arabs, (].0()0,000 Malaya. ~.l~lO,lll~ Chlilese, i,IX)O.O00 l'ol.vneslan~. ]l~.(IO0 rt,d Indians In (~'llllllda Itlld SOllle soatterlng lind an- classllie(I I'lll't,s, The (;el'nlan vnlpll'e In l'~lll'llpe liu.~ il llJt:il iirea of'/~.) .~qllitl'(" illih..'a illid ii llOl)alatlon of 64,- ~.iOG.ll(l!i. illl(I it~ (+oh)nh,s Ilave iin aPea ol 1.1;t+.~TI) .~llllill't~ llllles gild a popula- lioli +tit about 15.0tiu.+llJ. What was the prime cause of the France Prussian war? The lnilli,.dilile osteltslble ('aase was tile ollllO.~ithlll Ijf I.'rllilee to tile pro- posi+ll eh,t'tiq~ll of It tlerUllln prince to tile Slilinlsh till'one, biit tile underlying one WaS tPhlllllng allibltlons for Iu- pPelllaCv, It ia not clear to me juat how luck time a German is compelled to serve in the army. Will you please explain the system? By the constitution of the 16th of hi)ill. 1871, every German is liable to service, and no substitute Is allowed. I,h|bility bel,ehming at tile age of sev- enteen and IIt~tlllll service, as a rule, from the age of twenty, the men serve lit the active army and army reserve for seven years, of which two years (tht~e in the case ot cavalry an0 horse artillery reeruital are spent with the colors. During his foilr or five yeal~ hi the reserves tile soldier is ealled oat for training with his corps twh'e for a nlaxlnttiin ot clglil week.~ Aftt,i qult- thig lhe l'eserve the s~lldler i~ drafted htto tile ih'st tJali ot llie landwl, li[ for live ypiil'~ iliore, hi wliit'h (excelll in lh(' i.ii~tilr3, l~.lli('h i*~ llOt clill0d oill ~li ]lpili.C tiluo+ 11t' llliiIPl,L'll~ I%VIJ tl'li!lilllL:~ ill tl'llltl ~'l"ht IO lollrll,l'li (l:l V~. Thelit'e lie passes into th_e ,econd Dan aiid re What is the toll for passage of ves- sels through the Panama canal? Ars United starer vessels raqulrel to pay |or passage througl~ th'e canal? The Is~v provides Illat ratcs of toll tlmll bc fixed by the liresldent of the United ~tates. Those Itit~l by Presl dent Taft In Noveinller, |912 and now in force are as follows, applicable to vPs.~els ot all nnthm,liltlcS alike: 1, Oa nlel-('|h'lnl ves,~(,l~ carr viUg l)ass(qlgel~ Dr cargo, $1 2:0 li tlcl vessel ton +ea('h 100 cltbic feet-ot actaa; earning ('a- parity 2 tin vessels in blilhlst with- onl [)lt~Seli!Zel's Ol #,,argO, 40 per cent ~eSS titan Ihe rllte ot tolls fur vessels wltb llti~eli!~ers or cargo ;-I Oil naval vessels, otllor lhan trallsports,