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March 11, 2011     Vineyard Gazette
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March 11, 2011

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FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011 VINEYARD GAZETFE, MARTHA'S VINEYARD, MASS. NINE VINEYARD GAZETTE / OPINION & ANALYSIS Offshore Energy Too Important to Rush By DANIEL A. WOLF and TIMOTHY R. MADDEN • The following is an edited version of a letter sent to the landmark developments we are considering, it is imperative federal Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation that as much information as possible is available so the best and Enforcement (BO EMRE) from state senator Dan Wolf informed decisions can be made. (D-Cape & Islands) and state representative Timothy Madden As elected officials representing Cape Cod, Martha's Vine- (D-Barnstable, Dukes and NantuckeO yard, Nantucket and the Elizabeth Islands, we would like to bring the following items to the Departments attention. First, ='~rI~K YOU FOR YOUR DECISiOn to extend the Re- we request that working in conjunction with the Massachu- quest for Interest comment deadline to adequately setts Renewable Energy Task Force, criteria be included in address outstanding issues relative to offshore the RFI lease process that gives additional consideration . ,. energy development. In light of the potentially to community-owned projects in the development plan. ~- - "~ - We would request that BOEMRE adapt a multifactored 1 ~ ~ ~ : ' ~; :~ ~"~'~ approach when considering competitive lease applications. We believe it is important that extra consideration be given to projects which opt to work with local communities and ~:!~' ~ ~; ~~ especially locally-owned projects, and that mitigation to ~- ~ ~:~ ~,~ ~ ..... ~:~'~,~'~,,,,~-~:~:~:~ ~,~,~,:~,~, :',~,~ -.i, ~N ~ ~~ host communities, both during construction as well as in ~ :~: ~.~:=~:~ N~x~,~;~ :'~ :~:~',~ : !t i~ ~~ the long term after projects are up and running, be given ~ ~.,~ ............. ~ ......... :~:~::::::~, :~.:,-~,:~,~:~,,~., ~l~ ~ ~~ very special attention. As we are sure you are well aware, ~ ................. ~:~ ...... ~:~::::~:::~:~ ......... ~. ~i.. l| receiving financing for any offshore wind project is incredibly .... t Ii ~ ~ ~ difficult and can in many ways exclude small local projects. ~ ~~: ~ ~: :::~ ': ~':~:'~ ]~ ~ ~ ~ We believe that for any offshore project to be successful ~ " ~ ........~:~' ~ i.~ ~ it must have the support of the impacted community. This ~ ]~~ ~ could be achieved by having a larger commercial project ..... . ~:°~ partner with a smaller local project or by requiring that ~'~~~~~.~ any areas designated for development must include certain " ~- - ~ acreage for a community project to be built or a percentage Kristin Maloney o. ~~ of the produced power must benefit the community. The OCEAN HAS BROKEN THROUGH DUNE TO POND SIDE. ~1111~~~' ~ :~'~ Massachusetts Ocean Plan includes a community carve-out ~ _~ ~~ for offshore wind and we believe any federal plan should do Ferocious Erosion Sees Island ~" ~ ~ ~~ the same. .... " "' Second, we echo the sentiments of our federal colleagueSbetween BOEMRE Sho g D lly .... : ~ ~ . in asking for additional consultation reline Shiftin ramatica \ , • ~,. _ and the newly formed Massachusetts Fishermen's Work- . ~ '- ~~ ing Group. The potential" impacts of any offshore project From Page One "At our Long Point property we have ,, ~ on the fishing industry need to be fully considered and ,,~,,,q th,~,~' ..... r,; ..... ;,, th,~ a typical winter beach profile. At high ~lt~]~~~ ~ vetted. Working with the Massachusetts Fishermen's Work ................. " .... , • ~' ............ water the waves are pounding right up ~~~ ~~ ing Group to develop appropriate guidelines that will not chffs there. That s going to be really .0~;.., ,~,~ n .... ,, h,~ ~.ia ~~~ ~ negatively impact their livelihoods is essential to a successful dangerous, because kids of course will "~'."~" ;"; ..... " ........ - u,~nt m u,~l~ ;n th,~r,~ " ~h,~ ~;dMS. ~aloney, however, says what ~~ ~ ~ ~ ,~t. ~ project. Specifically, the issue of underwater cables con- , ...... "~ "'~_T .... .;....., .o,: ...... . she has seen over recent months is not ~~~\ ~ %~:,~ ~ necting projects to the grid must be addressed, possibly by "Ann it s oeen oaa all tlae way aown . • , the Windy Gates sine too. ,,,,-," ...... • • .., • -- ~~e~ ~ burying the cables so that their existence in no way affects ..... typ~cat " °~¢~~~ the ability of fishermen to continue to work. Also, theissue You get the picture here: even by the ~,,m~ne°ceansuenmte~ynsmg'xmm~" ~~~ ~ of mitigation during construction for fishermen needs to be usual standards of Martha'sVineyard's tome °~tvheeS~Chnang~l~tkpenrmCntn~ Ik~t~i~ ~~ addressed as they will not be allowed to fish in these areas constantly changing shoreline, this has ~,,,,-~ ;, i, .... ~ ~%~o i, ,h,, f,~ '- ~ ~. ~ during construction time. been a dramatic winter. ~,,, .................................. - ~ Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this impor- As to why it has, different people oe~ore. . . ~~ taut matter and for respecting the needs of our communities attrmute ............. ~t to amerent causes. . The. sand, .wdl~ come. ...... back m summer, Mark Lovewet~ and impacted groups. In the case of the erosion at Wasaue trot there s aenmtety ~ess t~eacla than "1 , e" ~. Mr. Kennedy blames the breach inthee used to b . the s i n .... ~iS TO THE EDITOR Norton Point beach, caused-byabig Ulcourse, even cet~stswno storm four years ago warn anout cnmate change mso warn ..... ~_ ..... ~" .,__ c .... ~. t.~. a ainst attributing any single event to ~lnce mat btU]~lll, till~ OlCilgll 11~1~ g moved slowly eastwards, as sand has thephenomenTs ..... been deposited on one side and re- ~oaoes~e~ ~uva, owner.or moved from the other. Now the tidal yaru Lana ~u..rveymg anu ~.ngmeermg, From Page Eightfirst floor of the new building,, right ] kids once, bringing their own children flows through the ~'a'- are tearin~ at who has stud~ed the data on coastal house of MV~ llin Re Tim inside the entrance.Adults won t have ] to introduce them to me and let them Wasque. ~ v ~; erosion on the Vineyard over many ....... 't£S by ca .g p. ...... , the sound of running feet overhead, i share our library.They deserve a great "As long as that concentrated current ye~s. ~ ~aauen, 191/-/zz-ZblU; ann ~el~'t~ men ~ - , • • • , lne long-term patterns, however, are ~s forced against the shorehne, we re .................... V~ If .......... : ; ........... ~; "'~: ..... i beaause k~ds won.t have to go through ! space to come to. o e,191/ /ZZ 137U ann VOlCa g our ,, undemable the Vineyard ~s wash g .,. - - • .... 9 i the building to get to their space.Adults ! I know how important libraries can go!rig to see massive,erosion, he said. -- suppo., will have twice the room they had be to the kids who don't entirely fit in. We think we won t see much accre- away at a pretty rapid rate. On average, Carolyn Eddy before-- quiet and removed from the Sometimes the library is the only safe tion of sand until the breach closes," the south shore is retreating about 'l'hree Owners Ciearcut Pondfront In Serious Wetlands Violations • From Page One on a body of water that has been the .... 2.. ............... 1. ..... ] subject of intensive conservation work Th~t~ at~ uu auu~.tu~a uu us~. l.,xul.,- in r~eent vear~ erty but the buildable lot is currently [ "'-7~a l~i~h,~n A~nci.tin. h~ on the market and is listed by Alisan ----. ........ v ................. r^~.,...-, ..... ~ ...... [ been domga lot of work over the years ~,u.a.-t~onwayrroperuesat~H/,ouu. I tnlmnrcwathannalitvoftho, nand"~ho Mr. King claimed that the conserva- [ :;i,t"X'~X~o';t~'~7;tens t'iaeno'nnro'fit tion commission had permitted him I 7"-"rri"e~fi'~'u~tt'ia'ecarefull ermltted • has ca o y p to conduct the clear-cutting after a • • • ................ l use of chemicals in the pond to eradl- IYS//site visit, in iact, MS 13urKee salo, - - .- - - - ,~ .... ;oo;,-,. r, on a'-'-roved v"'t-n I care pnragmnes ano pono weeu. ...................... vv ...u ,... I "A lot of effort and money has been cutting on a separate property that he ........... .......... I gomg into lmprowng me water quamy ownea across me street irom me lot m • • , • • • of th~s pond so ~t s really surprising that question. [ people who live on the pond would do "He never got a pe,,r~_~t to do,any- [ that because most of the people in this thing on this property, she said The • . " " • [ neighborhood are well aware that that vegetatton that he cut was old and . [ work is going on and that cutting would strong and protectmg a who!e, penln- [ have a negative impact on the water sula that includes the hospital. I -ualitv" Ms Durkee said - • The conservation commission has [ -1 The~violations were reported to the hired a tree expert to mvesU.gate the [ commission by neighbors. As with the number of trees cut down on the prop-. [ Brush Pond orooertv Ms. Durkee said erty and theft condition. The commis- [ the commissi'onwa(working to avoid sion haSnffsSOre2ut ::d Mr te .ngtt?t e I fining the property owners, though she a we [ did note that the cost to restore all wetlands line and he has agreed to meet [ three orooerties may be much more ex- with the board at its meeting on March [ pensive than their owners anticipate. 15 to .p.resent a plot plan of the property [ In both of the Crystal Lake cases the and discuss its restoratmn. [ homeowners claimed to be unaware While the violations are severe Ms. [ of the need for permits for such work, Durkee said that the board was work- [ a common defense that frustrates Ms. ing to avoid administering financial [ Durkee. penalties. . [ "Really I wish we could spend more "We don't like to be nasty," she said, [ time educating the community why it s "We have the ability to fine people for [ important not to clear-cut vegetation violations but we try to work with them [ on a pond," she said. "Enforcement s if they cooperate with us." [ a tough part of the job." Just up the road two homeowners [ While some property owners may have clear cut vegetation on properties [ scoff at the ecological effects of cutting fronting Crystal Lake. Jill Katz of Los [ down vegetation on their own property, Angeles, Calif.,andTed and Katherine [ Ms. Durkee says the effects can be Meleney of Saunderstown, R.I. have [ widespread and serious. been cited for very similar, violations [ "The cutting' of vegetation in or near on their two properties abutting the [ a wetland area has a negative impact former ice pond. Both violations in- [ on all the values that wetlands provide clude the clearcutting of vegetation [ for a community and that includes down to the waterfront, including some [ flood control, storm damage protection, mature pine and cedar trees~According ] erosion control and in their role as a to Ms. Durkee Mr. Meleney has hired [ significant wildlife habitat, she said. an engineer to develop a plot plan for [ "Saltmarshes are incredible breeding the property while Ms. Katz has given [ grounds for all kinds of shellfish and the conservation commission a $5,000 [ finfish. Cutting vegetation on the buffer bond to hold until a restoration plan [ of the pond allows stormwater runoff can be developed. No meeting date has [ and rain runoff to fl0~v directly into the been set for either homeowner.[ pond with all the junk it picks up along "We felt good that they responded [ the way without having the ability to very quickly," said Ms. Durkee, 'They ve [ be filtered by the plants and the root been extremely cooperative. [ systems of the plants., Although such violations are not [ She added: "People used to think altogether uncommon Ms. Durkee said [ wetlands were wastelands but they are that she was surprised to see the work I actually extremely valuable land. , ~' :.'. ,'Z'.,~)..'~0 ,,, ~: t)j ~[ix~(tg L ~Z'II ~xliJJ: '.,.21 iU,.: quent and intense storms might do to Whichis tough for them. But Chris the rates of erosion, he says, "There's a Kennedy looks at the dynamic nature Vineyard Haven SOLES FOR SOULS Editors, Vineyard Gazette: Thanks to everyone who helped with the shoe drive over the last few months. We collected hundreds of pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls who will distribute them to areas of need in America and around the world. As in all things, the compassion and generosity of Vine- yarders is unparalleled. I will keep the drop box open throughout the year. Dr. Michelle McCrumb Vineyard Haven THE CHILDREN'S ROOM Editors, Vineyard Gazette: I'm delighted about the design for the new Edgartown Library that pro- vides for both children and adults. In this new building we'll be able, for the first time, to have programs for kids without impinging on the adults who want it quiet. We'll also be able, for the first time, to have adult programs without having to close the Children's Room to children, which is what hap- pens now. The Children's Room will be on the children's area. This library provides for all our users, and I love that. We've been losing patrons in Edgar- town over the years because they can't get to the library, and they can't park. For most people, this new location will be so much better. And perhaps we can persuade the VTA to route its in- town shuttle service so it helps Chappy people get to the new library. I've been a librarian here since 1977, and recently I realized there have been only three years, in all my time here, when we didn't have water leaking into the Children's Room. I recently had a patron, who is a local day care provider, tell me that she knows other day care providers who don't come to programs here because the building is so dilapidated. Twice, for six months, we have had to condense or move to cope with old building woes. I think the children of Edgartown deserve so much better• I also remembered how we used to joke that someday most of my "library kids" would someday be Edgartown voters• Now that has come true. Not many weeks go by when I don't have parents come in who were my library place for a unique child. I also know that children who hang out at the li- brary are often the children who are on the honor roll, even if they are doing nothing academic when they are here. If having kids hang out at the library after school gets them in here so they're comfortable when they have to pick out a book for school -- how great is that? This library will give kids another option. After school, they can go to the Boys' and Girls' Club and run around and get their exercise. But if they need a little help, we'll be right there. Deborah Maclnnis Edgartown The Vineyard Gazette welcomes letters to the editor on any subject concerning Martha's Vineyard. The newspaper strives to publish all letters as space allows, although the editor reserves the right to reject letters that in her judgment are inappropriate. Let- ters must be signed, and should include a place of residence and contact tele- phone number. The Gazette does not publish anonymous letters. Wearing Nothing but a Smile By JERRY ZEZIMA DON'T TELL MY WIFE, BUT LATELY I'VE BEEN FREQUENT- ing a strip joint. It'll sound even kinkier when she finds out that the joint is a dental center, the stripper is an orthodontist named Michael and his best customer is a patient who happens to be me: To avoid further confusion, as well as a raid by the police, I should mention that the young man in question, Dr. Michael Sheinis, always wears his white lab coat when I visit him in the Dental Care Center at Stony Brook University on Long Island, N.Y. But he does strip my teeth, which I guess makes me the strippee. It also makes my pearly whites easier to move into the de- sired position now that I am wearing invisible braces. I need them because two of my teeth, one on the top and the other on the bottom, have shifted• Since I can't shift for myself, I have been going to Stony Brook to get things straightened out. For a year and a half, I had a short strip (there's that word again!) of metal braces in the upper right part of my mouth. The braces moved back the teeth in the buccal segment so the lateral incisor could be rotated to its original position. After the construction project was dismantled by Sheinis, a nice and talented resident at Stony Brook, I was ready for my invisible braces, known by the brand name Invisalign. But first, the good doctor had to put cement in my mouth• Not blocks, which would have been appropriate because I'm a blockhead, but small attachments on a few of my teeth so the clear plastic braces can be snapped into place• At meal- time, I can pop out the upper and lower trays, stuff my face, brush my teeth and put the braces back in. No one can see them. Only my orthodontist knows for sure. "I won't tell anyone," promised Sheinis, who used a com- posite gun to apply the attachments. It looks like a cross between a caulker ("No, I didn't get it at Home Depot," Sheinis said) and the phaser Capt. Kirk used on Star Trek ("Going where lots of other orthodontists have gone before," the doctor added)• On a recent visit, Sheinis announced,"I have to do a little stripping." "Keep your shirt on, doc," I urged• "Not me," he replied reassuringly. "Your teeth• I have to strip some of the bottom ones so the invisible braces can move them more easily." To do so, Sheinis used interproximal strips, which are es- sentially pieces of sandpaper floss.The idea was to slenderize the aforementioned teeth so the crooked one on the bottom could be pushed back into line with the others• The stripping was done over three visits• "It keeps the shape of your teeth, but it narrows them a bit," explained Sheinis, 27, who had braces -- metal, not invisible -- when he was 10. "My dad's an orthodontist," he said."He put every appli- ance in my mouth, I even had the headgear with the strap that comes out of your face. I had the lip bumper, too." The only good part, Sheinis said, was that he got to pick which color elastic bands were used on his braces• "I always chose colors to match my favorite sports teams," the native Floridian said, referring to the Miami Dolphins (aqua and orange) and the Miami Heat (red and black)• Today, his teeth are perfectly straight, which will make him look good in his wedding pictures (he's engaged to be married later this year)• "The braces worked," he said, noting that mine will, too. "By the end of the year, you'll have a dazzling smile," Sheinis said."And no more stripping• I'm sure your wife will be happy to hear that•" Jerry Zezima, a resident of Coram, N. Y, is a freelance writer, author of Leave It to Boomer and a regular contributor to Vineyard Gazette editorial pages• said Mr. Kennedy. "And who knows when that might be." On the upside, he said, it seems at least some of the sand being taken from Wasque, along with trees and bushes plucked from the cliffs, is being redeposited around the comer on the east-facing beaches of Chappaquid- dick. Elsewhere on the south shore, he said, things were more typical of the seasonal changes which happen every year; there is erosion in winter and deposition when the wind changes to the southwest in spring and summer. seven feet a year, more in some places than others and more in some years than others. "And there are big variations, and some years look extreme compared with others," he said. "A large section of cliff -- 40 or 50 feet -- might suddenly collapse one year, and then it could take sev- eral years for the fallen material to be washed away before the sea once again begins undermining the next section of cliff." As to what climate change, a sea level rise of three or six inches, more fre- lot of questions" yet to be answered. But for south shore property own- ers, those questions are pretty vital. A number of houses already have had to be moved back from the edge, he said. A couple have even been specially de- signed on beams so they can be moved as the shoreline retreats. "Erosion is going to continue.There's a lot of valuable houses on [the south shore of] the Island that are going to be threatened•And in the Squibnocket area in particular, there is not much room to move back in a lot of cases," he said. of the Vineyard shoreline in a more sanguine way. "This is a place of tremendous change, and I think that is one of the things that makes living on the Vine- yard so wonderful. You always have a different landscape to view, depending on the season," he said. The fact is, Martha's Vineyard is a very temporary land form, which has been eroding since the last ice sheet retreated only 25,000 years ago. "Sooner or later we are all going to have waterfront property, said Mr. Kennedy. Voodlands By MIKE SECCOMBE The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank envisions a new campground as part of its management plan for its 234-acre Southern Woodlands Preserve. Dan Feeney, the owner of the Vineyard's only currently operating campground, envisages problems with that. At Tuesday night's public hearing to consider the draft management plan, Mr. Feeney emerged as the only person with significant objections to it. He made no bones about his self- interest, saying it was not within the charter of the conservation agency to go into competition with a private busi- ness."I don't want to see a recreational campground there," he said. Already times were tough for his businesses, he said. What, with the ex- pense of bringing an RV over on the ferry, and changes to the SSA's standby policies, camping was not the low-cost accommodation option or the spon- taneous, fair-weather decision it once was. Mr. Feeney also doubted the planned "primitive" campground in the South- ern Woodlands would work for the land bank. An average campground in this state required about 120 to 140 sites to make an income for one family, he said. The land bank's proposal for just 40 sites would be uneconomic. It would cost "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to set up, would require a septic system capable of handling up to 4,000 gallons of wastewater. "With 40 sites, you'd be lucky to break even in 10 years," Mr. Feeney said. His objections, however, made no apparent impact on the Oak Bluffs advisory board to the land bank which, having heard him out, went on to ap- prove the draft plan with only a few minor amendments. Those amendments were that people walking dogs on the property should keep them leashed, that two or three car parking spaces be put in on County ago.