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January 14, 1915     Vineyard Gazette
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January 14, 1915

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aLL I I THE VINEYARD GAZETTE, THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, II I I H I 1915, PAa . 4. -- C ii -- Ill dn St., Edgartown. TWO STORES "Th0 Smoke Shop,' CI6ARS AND TOBACCO, Smokers' Articles. ",:'he Largest and Finest Line Ever Seen in Edgartown. FINE CONFECTIONERY ---AND --- "If you Buy it at Mendence's, It is the BEST." The Vineyard Gazette. EDGARTOWN, MASS., Jan, 14, 1915. C. H. MARCHANT, Pubhsher. A Local Weekly Newspaper, IrUbtlshed every thursday atternoon, devoted to tLt local interests Oi the tow~.s in Dukes County, all uuque~tion. ably the best advertising medium whereby to reac,J the who's resident populati.a of said eoLt/Jty Marriages and deaths in~erted free ; but all addl. one to the ordinary announcements, 5 centsper- ine. Cards of Thanks and of public acknowledgment oserted at the uniform price of 60e. each Rates for advertisements given on application. Business Notices, 10 cents ver line each ineertion, Orders for all kinds of will receive prompt attention, and be neatly executes, LOST HIS ONE CHANCE. ~le Was on the Watch For It, Too, but It Gave Him the Slip. In a certain western city all alder- man had tried for fifteen yeal~ to win the mayoralty office. Time and again he had run only to be defeated. It so chanced that the election for aldermen was in an off year from that of the mayor. For this reason the alderman .................................................... who longed to be mayor was always Dr E. HUCKINS, Delatist. NOW (}I~CUPYIN(~ NE~/ OFFICE IN OVER DR. WALKER'S DRUG STORE Water Street, Edgartown. Hours: 10TO I~; 2to40'c]OOk, . ~tnrda~'~. l0 a. ru. to 19 m. ro{ si0nal ffard . C. Q. ,dJ. DUNHAM, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, lgD(ii&nT0WN~ MASS. B. 7". HILLMAN, ATTORNEY AHO C3UNSELLOR AT LAW, I~D(La tVrOWN, MAI~B. ATTORNEY ANO COUNSELLOR AT LAW, I~DGARTOWN, M ~88. Everett Allen Davis, kTTORflEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, WEST TISBUI{Y. )[ASS. Herbert M. Chase, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, 509-10 India Building, - - - g4 State Street BOSTON. After June 1, at Wesley House, Oak Bluffs, Mass. I. H. LAZARUS, D. M. D, DE1KTIST, 160 Circuit Ave., - - OAK BhUFFb Hours: 9-12 A..M. and o.-5 P.M. Daily. Telephone 187-3. ii, BUSIHESS CARDS, WJLLIAM (;. BROOK.S, Piano Tuning and Repairing, Careftll attentJgu glvs,l tO Vhle)ard orders, Home Address: 7 W~ldorf St., Dorchester, Mass. ED. NICIIOLS. SANITARY BARBER, North Water St. Third Door From Market. EDGARTOWN~ MA8S. Any one wishing for a ~flean Shave or a flr~t- class Hair cut. ~ilOnld csU oil Ed. Nichols. You will always find himon d~ck and ever ready tc please his pat~one. 32 ye,re of faithful service. WILLIAM G. MANTER, ARCHITECT AND BUILDER, VINEYARD HA VEN, MASS. We are p,*'p~,~'~ ,n m~ko PlaDs, Specifics- tions, Blue Pc,rite, D~t~iI Drawings, give ost~- mates and hu;bt in either WOOD or RE-EN FORCED t~ONCRE',E CO~.q ['RUCTION. Summer Houses a Specialty. Office, Luxemonr B dg, - VINRYARD HAVBN, Tel. 59. ENJ. PEASE, Contr ] tor an[I Builder, tHlOP ON NORTH SUMMER STREET, ~DOARTO WN, MASS. lgstimates furnished On all kin,its of work. ~ff=Corre*pondence So/tel fed. Greene & Wood, I.IIMB[R & MILL WORK Windows. boors. Glass New Bedford, Mass. -FRANK W. KIMBALL & SON, Palnt-xs and Paper Hanger,, Wall PWper a Specialty. Finest IAn~s from New Yorg and Boston Houses F~rst-ela*~ Work Guaranteed. char~ of the patronage reeneotfully solicited It*sidenc~:--Piereo Avenue, ItDGABTOWN, Teleplwne |44-1l. able to run for alderman after he had been defeated for the mayoralty. And he was always elected alder- man of hls ward by incre:lsing nm]ori ties. lie was qlways elected l)resi(lent of the board. And in all these fifteen ye:ll'S he yearned to exercise tim duties 0]~ Inilyor. It hal)I~ened rh:|t the nlnyor tell ill one time aluI tile aspil*il~g aldcrnlall announced that if tile city's chief exec- utive bec;Inlo inc:|lmCltatcd be Wtt,l](I ('];IIIU tlw right I,) act as nmy,tr add h't the I~O,,I,h' ,ff the city kllOV ill st)Die way lh:t! hr. was lll:lyor hidocd The ln:|y,,r ll:t(| fl bnd cast, or rheu- iH:x!isln. At t:lst he did ll,}t coIlle down tO his ,lI~ic:' filial the ht':ld ,)f the alder- Ill;ll!l(!'l~o;lI'll kt~]ll his e:lr to t!le gro|lud I'C:l(1V It} ;1('[ :It a se('OP.(]'S llotJ,'e. Two d:ly~ weIIt I)y, TIIree d:lyu A v,'t,t,k. Oil the telel)h,+llc it was alxvtlys i'Cl)ort(.(l tl~nt the nmyor was abollt the s;InllL At last the ahlernmn could walt no longer. Ten days was too much for a inayor to be away. fie drove to tile mayor's house one night ready to ask hhn why lie didn't delegate some one w act for him now that he had been ill so long. A gal'rlllOU~ servant answered his rin~ The l)re~ident of the board of alderl~lell pushed Ills way into the ves- tibule "How ls your master tonight?" he asked solemnly. "'Indeed. sir, he's a great deal bet- ter. In fact, he's all right, and lie's got back home." "'Got back borne! Why. where has he been? 1 understood he was very ill." "So he was. sir, but they thought It best to take him away to Hot Sprin&m ten days ago. He got along fine. They didn't wan* any one to know he had gone away because there's some big I)luffer of ~ I)uttin' In alderman who is Just t~htng to be tim mayor and toss things abont, so, to fool him, they Rept it quiet and Just answered him polite like on the telephone every dliy."- Now York Sun. HAVE NO uSE-FO-R-LOCKS. Bincc No One "ghcro Would Steal, Why Fasten thc Dnars? A !:In:, of aimosg ntopian simplicity ;~ (!o,qcl*.i}~ttI by :l writer i~1 tile London l'io:(~, who a few yelll'S ago started on .':,R,t froln lllnsl)rut'k and went by Wily ,.)f l.:utdeck te the Steh'io pUSS and b~:ck across the Tyrol to X~'clsctlnofen. Cla, ,.,/" till' joys of a walkh~.g trip ill i]~e Tyro!. he s:lys, lies ill the fricnd- ship of th~!se exccc(lii}gly simple, lltm- (:P:',bie :;lid l'eligioils i)easnnls. They lcax-o their :l~'ricllltara] illll)lc- m~,nts ]yili= all ni~hl in the lit :d. roy- el'el1 with a he:Ivy ('h)th, for the dew i.~ us disk,,nest :liY.(qlg th(.se Iloly lnollnt;lillS IIS elsov,'htq'c. T'.le~ h;ivt, a,) h~(:ks on their b:l:'ns. Th(,y, lift :1 ~'rtn,s with ~1 c:'3" for ]d':',:,t 1":; ai;d lhe ren}enlbranc,, of |I,H] :It ,'vt'ry i||lal't,~r of a nlile. Tht,se cP,,s,~e,-: n:;H'l,: ll:e st,t~t where some poor st)Ill h;:s di.d (:lil'ill~ Ihe wihl storms of whiter, llow d,,'c,,1- fill those tempests are C;:It hc .ludgt~d frOIll LbC f;~et that Wc found six S,,l,.h ll(,itlely ~lo(Kl(.n ill(:iIHn,~(,,'t{N, Not ~ltO iilere than led ye::rs (dd. "willt~ll lmir u mlle. At I.(,llffarolle. which i~ (~ver t|!e ll:ll- i;lll ttol'd(.r, V,'e discovc:'(,(] tll;l! o1:r ch:ln~l)er, Ibe best iu tlw llIB. ll:!d !::~ lock serev,cd ,)ll topsy tllrvy, st) lh;.t It ell|lid nut }(, flIsten('d. Out ill the, lul]lway I betlowed for M-u'ia. S':t' caInc, all snrl)rise. "'Bat tho henorR]~'.e ]lelT C~I nI!()~ htlvo iIIIO~|.'~q' b('d l',)onl wiih :1 littler lock. for thaf's the only lock In the hotel, tt|e only one i|l tL'e village." The hln(lh~rd bought It be('ausa the foreigners insisted, but he lind never .qeen u lock before. If the llon- orable herr will wait until tomorrow, ~rhap~-a~, but every, one in town kIIOWS t]h' ~:,)ll~i':/[)is travetel'y; P,:'o herc; every one, l:.~ov:s th:lt they go a lon'~ trip at:,l t:l::St need i.qtlch lnoney. SO no one ('ctlhl bo wickod eI:al:gh to at- tempt to dcI)rive the honorable herr and hi:" honorable fr'lu of a thing they need so math. BRAVERY IN BATTLE. It le a Physical Condition and Depends Upon the Heart. "t~ravery," said the surgeon gener:tl, "iS i)|lre]y a ;Z]:lI:ter of t]lo heart. It's his he'lrt that (tcternlillos ]low n sol- 0ier will condllct hilusclf in battle. The soldier has |it) inore responsibility ill the matter of his bravery than in tile matter of his height or his com- [,JexJon. "'In hattie the he:lrt bcats, as a rule, dimihish. They diminish 12 degrees. .k good, strong, solkl man has a heart running seventy-two to t, he minute. In l)attle it falls to sixty. Thut is not bad. It leaves the man pretty near all his mental and physical powers in- tact. So he makes a good soldier. "I;ut there are many sluggish heart- ed men. They seem strong enough. stalwart enough, but their hearts run at the best of tiIues only sixty or so a nlinutc~. Sul)tract twelve ill b:lttle. Result, forty-eight. And pallor and "G'L~;II{,IICSS ['O~',OV,*--litt'.~Of alid v,'cai.211ess, I might say. of mind no less than of body. It is not suI'In'ising if this sul- dier rlln~ u'~\'ay. 'Ther(Cs :mother (.lass, a class in- creasing tu these stressful modern timcs--nanlely, the nervous chlss. The heart of the nervous class in time of danger is the wo~t of all. It goes s!)eedlng up, nl), nl,--Jt actually reaches ]'q) beats. Its owner can then do noth- ing. He can't fight, he can't advance, ha can't retre~!t, tie sinks down on the ground. He slmkes and cowers. A l!itial)le Sllt, ct:l('le. But hc can't help it lilly n]ore than llc could help an at- tack of scarlet fcvcr, "ltonor the ~iood soldier." ended the surgeon general. "but l)tty the poor one, for it's his heart, it's not himself tlmt is to blame."--Cincinnati Ell- quirer. Mermaid For Breakfast. A strall~2or lnc:ll th:ln ,'1113- ever par- t;d~cn 1)y l,'rnuk Bueld:lnd or the most htlr(lencd al:l ('osnlOl~O}itau travo|er is dcs('ribed by .hlau I:I'alw!sco de St. All- t(~l~jO in his account of his travels and adventnres in the I)lfilil)pi~:e Islands, imblished at M:ufila itl 1738. In tills curious little work the author tells ns th:!t he once I,re:~kfasted off n Iner- in:lid, anal he fl:rthor gl'~tvely dcse,'lbes its finvor nu 1)cing like fresh fut I)ork. An Awkward Situation. "Unh,ss I ;~et help." deehlred tile de- tective. "'this rev,dx, ing door Is going to h)se nle ;1 ])r!s,,iIcr.*" "Iiow so?'" 'There's a fcll,)w l w:lnt ill that of- rice. Fret |his revolvit~g (h~or has got ale ldot'ked. He'll st:u't ,)!;t If I start in."--l.oulsville ('t }I1 rier-.I(,nrna ], Impossible. "There's 11,) ~lst, t;~lkJn~, it's itnp(,ssi- ble to suit that thcqtrical ln:mager." "'hnl~,:ssihle. my boy. Nothin~ in this worhl in i',np~)sslbh~.'" "Yes. there is. Hc wants Ine to write a trag~,dy with u happy ending." --DetI'ott Free Press. Natural Result. "31aynte lflnshed when she found I ~'tlS trying to read her face." "~'ell. I)enltle nsnally do lflush when their faces are getting reud."--Bultl- mere American. Literally. 'Booze ahvays creeps upstairs nights '~l his stocking feet." "Afraid of his wife, oh?'" "Scared out of his boots."--Bo~ton rra nscril,t. The Foolish One. "I think he is foolish to start buying a motorcar on his sQlary." "He, s not half so foolish as the agentJ'--Cleveland Plain Dealer. Reformed. "How is Dick getting along With the woman that married him to reform him?" "She has reformed him all right." "Sure enough?" "You bet. Before he was married he used to be ~ good as a meal ticket for me, but when I met him yesterday Imd tried to borrow a five he made me pay back a tenner I owed him."-- Houston Post. Soft Bullets. Bullots of I~nl}(,| or tallow i~rodhee far greater d,*/lU;Ige than nv~tal (}neq ~vllen need for sh,,rt dlst:ln,.c liriug. A paper bullet I:a~Sillg thrt,ugh six pit~'es Of t|n phleed one O~t a]mrt tulckh~l t|lelI1 n|l aIld nnlde t!l(,nl l::~0tess, whereas a nletal bullet merely left a Imall round hole. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS 6enuine Merit Required to Win People's Confidence, lhe ttave you ever stopped to} reason why it is that so |nan)" products that are exten- sively advertised, all at once drop out of sight and are soon forgottou? The reason is plain--the article did not fulfill the pronlises of the nmnufacturer. This ap- plies more particularly to a medicine. A medicinal preparation that has real cura- tivevalueahnost sells itself, as like an endless chain system the remedy is recoln- mended by those who have been benefited, to those who are in need of it. A prominent druggist says "Take for example 1)r. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a pre- paration I have sold for ninny years and never hesitate to reconnnend, for in almost every ease it shows excellent results, as many of my customers testify. No other kidney remedy that I know of has so large i a sale." According to sworn statements and verified testimony of thousands who have used the preparation, the success of Dr. Kihner's Swamp-Root is due to the fact that it fulfills almost every wish in over- coming kidney, liver and bladder diseases, eorreets urinary trouble~ andneutralizes ne uric acid which "causes rheumatisnl. You may receive a sample bottle of Swamp-Root by Parcel Post. Address Dr. Kilmer ,~ Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and enclose ten c, ents ; also mentiou the Edgar- town Weekly Gazette.--Advt. Oak for Fire-places, Kindlings, Water for Steamers, TELEPHONE, 268-25 ~BOAKTOWI E. Elliot Mayhew. DEALERIN OHILMARK. MA88. FRANCIS PENT & SON, Licensed Undertakers for Edgartow~L 0onstantly on hand a fine assortment of 0asket~ Oof~ne and Robes. Plates furnished and enffra~l~ at short notice. Undertaker's service in all it, branchoo. Full Class Heaves. ]gMBALMIN~ when desired, done by a competent person" Th, Uudertaker is ready day or night to attend to hi dnties. A/~ight-Bollat the front entr~oa of b! residence Will be answered promptly. Residence: - - Maple St., Edgartowr CHILMARK, MASS. Manufacturers and Distributors of S00ts-Am0 Liniment. Sc0tsdm0 Cough Balsam. Soots-Amo Grippe Tablets. Scots-Amo Headache Tablets, Scots-Amo DIgestbe Tablets. Scots-Amo Laxatbe Tablets. Soots-Amo Healing Solve. Soots-Am Family Salve. Scots-Amo Cold Cream. Our Preparations are of the Greatest Efficiency. LOUIS H. PEASE, l . Our ice is of very superior quulily, Our Clame, Lobsters, and many of our Flsh, a,e kept alive in cars. Our Wagons run to all parts, f the townl, and Oo~ds DsItver~d by prompt at d gentlemanly driv~r~ CALL AT OUR NEW MARKET NORTH WATEW STREET, Near Poet Office LOUIS H. PEASE, Edgartown. llass. J. E. C. CURRIER, Orsdeats of Mssss:hssetts Colleee af Embalmleg, Also Gradelte el New York (;sl legs of Embllmls|. Embalmer and Funeral Director The undersigned ie fully equipped to care for bodiesand direct funerals in all details. Oaskets and Robes, and Plates furnished and engraved &| short notice. A fine glass heasse for use at funer. ale. Callsanswcred promptly dayornight. Lsd7 attendant when desire4. I carry a full line of Caskets and Rob~s -whi0k 0au be seen at my 8how Roomo,upner Main stred JOSEPH E. O. cuttki~a. Sonth 81trainer Btreet. SOU thern Massachusetts ~'alephone, 48-4}. )ld~artown, July 1, 19114. The Largest Stock in New Bedford. 586 Pleasant Street. NEW BEDFORD. m Herbert N, Hinckley, I]onlractor Buildsr, Vineyard Haven, llIL . gstimates furnished on all kinds of work In m,w line and satisfaction Ouarsmteed DISTINCTIVE, UNIQUE IN QUALITY AND FLAVOR Favorably Known all over this sec- tion for half a century. Is further proof necessary to induce _you to try_ iO. Right now. ia the right time. Your dealer sells Marketed hy the Proprietors of the famous Old Mill Coffee, Baroda and Blue Jay Teas. (2114) Furn" To AT-------- J. C. COTTLE'S MAIN EET, - - EDGART0WN. FOR SALE h M. Brown's cottage on Chavpaquiddick, [ .....,,.-.,,.,... as shore front on Katama Bay. Houset ~-~ o~.~ r~ur~/ has 7 rOOms, wide piazza and boathouse. [ e nn OII le Cogswell house, Morse street. , IkU/ run Oa=.g. Mrs. Josiah Pease house, corner Fuller [ ........ ~xcepuonany r lne Shore ~'ront Property and Cottage streets. Parlor, living rooms, [ ~" " dining .~ Idtohen, 6; piazza [ on Water street and the Harbor. on zron~ of house; large yarn. , I " HOUSES AND LANDS FOR SALE AND TO LET. L O